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  1. thanks for sharing... breaks my heart to see eunjung like this....
  2. Great!!! i've been waiting to see another version of Lovey Dovey...
  3. I'm confident they'll get the Third Crown this will be a good start for the year.. T-ara FIGHTING!!!!
  4. She's so cuteI wish the teddy was me so i can hug her
  5. I'm feel sorry for them because of their schedules and they don't get enough rest..
  6. ......................(speechless) :P
  7. HAHAHA funny hilarious interaction the girls.... :lol:
  8. T-ara JJANG!!! :D :D T-ara FIGHTING!!! :D T-ara DAEBAK!!!! :D
  9. I wish i can be the guy beaten up by hyomin cause all that pain is worth it... :)
  10. Posted 15 January 2012 - 11:21 AM jupiter111, on 15 January 2012 - 09:49 AM, said: Jiyeon is awesome. i think her character is like Eunjung in dream high1. I think so... i can't wait to see our baby dino... I wonder if they'll ask her to chew plastics..again lol
  11. Why aren't all the members featured? like them all especially the roly-poly ending stance :)
  12. Love the pictures especialy the second picture she's just soooo cute, Thanks for sharing...
  13. Congrats his is a great start for the year and soyeon's leadership...
  14. I don't care watever it is that you win, just WIN WIN WIN FIGHTING!!
  15. I wish i could be there to watch them perform in the musical.... :(
  16. Still no used to hwayoung's new hair stlye but she still look pretty with it....
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