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  1. I love all of their conceps but this is my favourite so far
  2. aw thanks for the pictures with such a awesome quality ^^
  3. such a beautiful photoshoot the girls are amazing
  4. She is soooo beautiful!! The best bride eva <33
  5. Eunjung is amazing. And yeah very nice photos of her sleeping xD Well atleast we see her when she was little. ^-^
  6. Yaa so cool. ^-^ Even though I won't be able to attend it too I'm really happy to see that they are going to visit Europe. ^-^
  7. I wish I could see them lice too but I live far from Paris.. I live far from France.. xD Well anyway I'm happy that they are going to come to Europe.
  8. Finalllyyy!!! o.O I'm sooo happy! The girls are freakin' amaziiiinng~!! :wub:
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