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  1. thats great girls, get some ten good days of rest.. you girls have done great for the last cry cry until know.. Himnae girls, FIGHTING
  2. get well soon eunjung noona.. may your new year become the best.. i cant wait to see the new lovy dovy video..
  3. oh my, hope she recover quickly.. rest a lot jiyeon, hope u can continue your activity as fast as possible.. we miss you.. get well soon..
  4. congratulation so yeon noona.. lead the girls well noona.. hwaiting.. cant wait for the next album
  5. maybe all if we compile all the music video, it will be one box office film.. cant wait to see the next story from cry cry MV.. hwaiting girls
  6. i cant wait to see dream high 2.. and jiyeon is in it too.. anyone knows who is in dream high 2 beside jiyeon?
  7. Oh my.. their dance is really good.. i cant wait to see the their dance music video.. they really sync.. i have shiver when i watch it.. DAEBAK!!
  8. after hearing the ballads version, its very touching.. but i like the original version best.. T-ara Hwaiting..
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