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  1. ohhhhh yes finally ! i've been waiting for the pictures in europe for so long !!!!! i hope it will not be too expensive kkkk
  2. wow~she is pretty~ and looks very young !!!! can't wait to see her debut stage with the other members ^^
  3. OMG Hyomin looks amazing with red hair !!!!!!!! This MV is going to be crazy~I can't wait ^^ and Dani is so young !!!! i can't believe she's only 14 lol
  4. OMGGG ! I can't wait for the full length album. Finally they will have their first solo concert. I wish i could attend. FIGHTING
  5. Wow they are so lucky !!! I wish I had met them in front of the Eiffel Tower . Next time I hope ^^
  6. OMG they are so gorgeous !!!!!!! I can't wait to see them back in Paris !!!!! It was the first time I saw T-ARA performing on stage and they KILLED IT
  7. HYOMIN !!!!! I can't wait to watch it !! Haha I love the fact that she was trying to speak in chinese ! SO cute
  8. Great performance. I'm sad that Eunjeong was not on stage. I wish they got the first place today !!
  9. I feel so bad for them !!!!! They really need to take vacation otherwise it will not be good for their health ! they've been working so hard !! And they deserve to have some day off one in awhile !!! T-ARA FIGHTING
  10. Awww poor Eunjeong ! she has an injure again!!!!! I hope she will get well soon. She needs to rest! And I hope she will be able to come to Paris for the Music Bank !! I wanna see her !! Fighting !!!
  11. Wow nice fancams !!! Ah jiyeon!! she's so pretty I wanna see the musical
  12. Haha Jiyeon and Soyeon are funny. And Jangwoo is so lucky lol
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