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  1. OMG I didn't realised you had a diadem account too xD ! I only thought you are from t-arahk :x thanks so much for all the Japanese translations you give !! I hope you don't mind me translating it from your Chinese translations btw , do you have any twitter or Weibo ?
  2. [14.02.28] T-ara sit down for an interview for the release of their 9th Japanese single, Lead the way & LA’BoonN The questions will revolve around their new song, reporting of their current events, favourite drinks in cafes and their methods against dry skins. Let’s take a look at the joyful talk of this girl group Question: Please tell us about the T-ara member’s recent activities. Hyomin: Mine was the premiere of my movie Jinx!!!, it also recently premiered in Korea. The members came to the premiere. I was very happy. After fans and movie-related personnel watched the movie, they were moved to tears! They said it was a good movie and wish to watch it again! I'm really thankful for receiving so many praises! Thank you everyone and friends who haven’t seen it, DVD is scheduled to be released on March 14th, please keep a look out during then! Jiyeon: I have already seen it in the cinemas when I went to the premiere with the T-ara members. It was really touching, all the members cried. I really wished to watch it again and to be able to watch again in Korea this time, I'm really happy. Soyeon: When Hyomin was filming Jinx!!!, it had clashed with the promotion schedule of Bunny Style. Hyomin was filming in Fukuoka and the rest of the members would also mention her during the Japan Bunny Style promotion tour. When we talk about it now, we would say, “it was so lonely without Hyomin during the promoting tour” and such… That’s why I really hope to tour around the whole Japan with all the members. Eunjung: For the fans, when Hyomin wasn’t able to attend the promotion activities and were unable to see her, it must have really felt lonely. But after the movie was finished, it can probably give some compensation to the regretful feelings of the fans during then. Boram: To me, the most memorable was to be able to challenge musical stages. It was my first time doing it; I didn’t know what kind of situation it would be but to be able to act happily, I really felt blessed. This year, as a singer of T-ara, it would be good if I can be active in different places as an actress too. Qri: To me, the deepest impression would be the great change of image that I had made for myself. Dying my hair to pink, presenting a feminine and cute side. I hope to grow even more in T-ara. Question: The 9th single is an original Japanese composed double track. Please explain a little both songs. Jiyeon: Lead The Way is a medium tempo soothing song. Describing a secret love. There is no sexiness like in the past and no cute dances. But it is a song with a lot of weight; I hope people who are in love will listen. Eunjung: The title Lead The Way has a meaning of leading the way, and this phrase has become the main point of this song, bringing the secret love story to another layer of suspense. You definitely can’t miss out each of the member's solo secret love story PV! Soyeon: LA’booN and Lead The Way are totally different songs. It is a very exotic, dance song with a very unique musical atmosphere. Qri: The concept of this song is Arabian Nights! The lyrics talk about a woman who is deep in love and in order to fulfil her wish, she recieves 3 wishes and sings a love spell. Question: This time, from the lyrics of these two songs, did you all learn new Japanese words? Jiyeon: In the lyrics of LA’booN. There is a line which is "hoping to use magic and make wishes come true", it is my main part. Once I understood the meaning, I found this sentence very girlish. If I knew magic, I'd also hope to make a wish come true. Soyeon: There is a line which I sing "let him be mesmerized by me", it is my first time hearing such an expression and I had learnt it. Boram: A part I sing has a line "burred". I had never heard this term before at all, the pronunciation was also very hard. I practised it many times. Hyomin: In the lyrics of Lead The Way, there is a line "your broken pieces". When I first knew what it meant, I was surprised that there is such a wonderful way to express it. Using 'broken pieces' to express the emotions and feelings of liking someone, the feeling was very fresh. Question: I heard this time around there will be an MV for each member, what is everyone's main point? Jiyeon: For me, I kept looking at the desk, thinking of someone inside. There is a scene which was about me writing secret feelings and thoughts inside a notebook. It was a sad feeling I carried inside that time. I hope everyone would see this main point when they are watching the MV. Eunjung: For me, I filmed inside a car. There is a scene which is presenting concern towards the person I love and it has a very subtle change of feelings. Inside the car, the main point would be the sorrowful expression when I lowered my head and eyes. Boram: For me, I was sitting inside a bathtub; perhaps everyone would think it is a very uncommon scene. But I feel that, that place is very suitable to present a girl’s sad emotions as she misses the person she loves. Does everyone have these type of experiences? If I am able to present resonance, I will be very happy. Qri: There is scene where I'm wearing a dark blue skirt and there is only me alone standing in the bathroom. I tried very hard to present the feeling of facing a secret love in a simple way. And there is a moment where I sighed and I think that is the best main point. It is really only a moment, do not overlook it. Soyeon: There is a scene where I was is sitting on the chair, facing the desk and took out a secret book. The lighting from the antique lamp on the desk shines on my face, that expression is one of the main points. Hyomin: I filmed differently from everyone, I have two different scenes. One is in a bed wrapped in sheets, another is where I sit alone on a chair beside a bookshelf. When a girl is in love, there are times where she'll unconsciously think of the person she loves before sleeping. This is the situation I'm acting out, everyone please watch it! Question: LA’booN is a song about love spell, do you believe in love magic, love jinx and such? Soyeon: Our members all loves to read magazine and they also love the last page which is the horoscopes, they will always read it. Hyomin: I also read magazines frequently. I read the horoscopes and also the lucky color for that month. I'd be very interested in that. Question: Let’s talk about the costumes this time. Qri: The main point of the outfits this time is that all members are all wearing white dresses, and of which, only I wore a very big sombrero. I really love that hat. It gives off a feeling of women who are very noble and pretty. Boram: I also love plain white. It was a very clean dress. Spring is coming and the feeling of wearing bright outfits is very good. There was a lot of lace on the outfit. It was very lovely. Jiyeon: Each member wore outfits to match the concepts for their scenes. The colors are all different from white and the members all loved it. Question: Some questions girls would chat about; Korea’s famous coffee chain chop Caffe Bene opened their first shop in Japan. What would each member of T-ara normally order to drink in cafes? Jiyeon: If I'm drinking coffee, I would drink strawberry milk coffee. Soyeon: I would order juice smoothie. Boram: I would most probably drink something which has a lot of chocolate inside. Eunjung: I would order American coffee. Qri: I like milk coffee. Hyomin: Caramel Macchiato. Question: When dealing with dry skin, how does everyone take care of it? Eunjung: Working the whole day, there are many times I remove my makeup as soon as I get home. I clean my face properly, then put on a face mask. Boram: Before going to bed, I put a mask then go to sleep. I often hear people say putting on a mask while sleeping isn’t good but the mask would mostly drop off when I sleep, so I don’t really care about it. Hyomin: Skin care is very important. After washing your face, doing skin care protection before the moisture dries off is very important. Qri: I would often bring moist spray with me. When I notice my skin is getting dry, I would use it to spray my whole body. Soyeon: After doing skin care protection, the most important thing is to put on moisture cream. Jiyeon: I do not particularly have any skin care protection method. After work is done, I remove my make up and wash my face. Question: Please talk about T-ara's Japan activities for 2014! Qri: We will release our 9th single on March 5th, we really hope many fans will come and hear our new song. Boram: Although it's still unsure now but we'd really like to do a Japan tour again just like Bunny Style and be close with many, many fans. Eunjung: Be it Japan or Korea, we will work harder than last year. I hope to try out different style of activities. Everyone please do support us! Soyeon: To be able to be even closer to fans, it would be better if we can hold more activities. Also, I hope to go to places in Japan where I haven't been to before. I wish to see everyone. Thank you everyone. *** Translated by: Time-tolöve @ tiaradiadem.com via Chinese Translations by: babylunchboxes @ Tiara tieba Source: http://japanese.kpopstarz.com/articles/13138/20140228/t-ara-interview1-140305.htm http://japanese.kpopstarz.com/articles/13140/20140228/t-ara-interview2-140305.htm
  3. yooooo !! happy birthday !! I will also leave a message here for you!! <3 Diadem is the place we found each other right?? ^^b I hope in the new age, you'll be more beautiful, more talened, more happy,.. and everything good will come to you!! wish you all the best. have a really great birthday party with your friends and family okay!! I love you maknae

    1. Time-tol


      Diadem is the place we found each other , outside it is where we will always be together xD hahaha . Thank you so much toshi unnie <3 . And thanks for posting it here too :) I love you <3

    2. Time-tol


      Diadem is the place we found each other , outside it is where we will always be together xD hahaha . Thank you so much toshi unnie <3 . And thanks for posting it here too :) I love you <3

  4. Happy birthday toshi unnieeeee <3 iloveyou <:

    1. toshiba


      heheheh.. you're the one who told them about my birthday right??? hehehe !! love you so.. thank you for your wishh :3 :3

  5. I saw a small part of jam eun Jung xD still sleeping soundly when everything fallen to the ground , and that part when she sucked in the tomato is hilarious ! Eunjung
  6. ahhh ~ love ej's '' my heart ~~~ '' cuteee hahah . & i am glad boram gotten her fair share of screentime this time round
  7. finally get to see you in sb <3 . hehe

  8. <3 Miss you! Hopefully I'll see you around later ;)
  9. Yeah xD . The views totally went up thanks to her xD .
  10. Omo ! Unnie is so cute :3 , can she get any cuter ? . She looks so smart during that event !
  11. Is been such a long time since I saw ej performing cry cry , miss it so much
  12. Her personality is what makes me love her the most ! thanks for translating ^.^
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