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  1. That was freaking awesome!!! Thanks very much for sharing the fancams. Jiyeon really grew up into a beautiful lady. Can't get enough of Eunjung! Hamkyul! All of the girls are lovely. Can't wait to see them perform in the music shows.
  2. Thanks for the update! Can't wait for T-ara's comeback. October will be a lot of fun.
  3. Happy to hear news on Eunjung! With JJH there I guess it's an almost-five-fingers reunion. I'll be looking forward to this event especially the duet.
  4. Yes Qri, I will be looking forward to a brighter T-ara.
  5. This was funny! Thanks for sharing! Would love to see more of them in variety shows again.
  6. I'm excited for this as well as the QBS sub-unit. It would be sooo good to see them all again.
  7. Now I'm really excited for this! I missed Qri, Boram and Soyeon. Looking forward to hearing their song and seeing the music video. I hope it's gonna be a lot of fun.
  8. It's not surprising that T-ara (N4) had to face this issue once again because they are on a full promotion in Korea now. Sooner or later, since they are appearing on talk shows and interviews and tv guestings, the MCs will have to obviously ask them these questions. Also, Beatles Code is under Mnet, so they may be a bit comfortable starting there. Personally, I'm glad they are given the opportunity to speak up and share how they feel regardless if people will believe them or not, and regardless of the timing several months later after the scandal. Though I would have preferred it if all the members address it and not just the 4 of them. All of the member were affected by the scandal after all. Let's hope everything turns out positively after this Beatles Code episode airs. T-ara fighting!
  9. ^ Thanks very much for sharing the vid! I really missed watching T-ara (in korean shows). I'm fine watching it raw but I can't wait to see the subbed vid in the coming days. So good to see them being competitive and having fun. I was on the edge of my seat when it was Boram's turn to play in the 2nd game. That was a bit nerve-wracking. And yes Soyeon is the boss! I think she'll always be the boss. Hoping to see it as a fresh beginning of T-ara being back on korean television again.
  10. Those pics are funny. Glad to see the girls having a fun time. Will definitely visit this Museum when I get a chance to go to Vietnam.
  11. Congrats to Areum! And it was nice to see that Eunjung and Hyomin were there to celebrate a joyous occasion for Areum.
  12. Great news indeed! Happy for Hyomin that she'll be able to flex her acting muscles again. All the best to the movie!
  13. An apology is an apology no matter how late it was served but repercussions should also be met. Kudos to KEMA for fighting for the right of the actors in Korea. I hope they continue to be firm in their stand to YeIn E&M. And I hope to see Eunjung acting again soon in a good project.
  14. Thanks for the vids! Truly appreciate it. It was great to see T-ara performing again. And I had this big smile upon seeing Qri perform on their special stage. FINKL for the win! Congrats to our dear T-ara for their Digital Bonsang award!
  15. Thanks for the vid! May 2013 be a better year for T-ara. Soompi posted an article about this with translation. Here's a link: http://www.soompi.com/2013/01/01/t-ara-presents-their-2013-new-years-greeting/ Happy New Year!
  16. What a great way to open our 2013! Congratulations to T-ara for bagging the Best Female Group in Soompi Gayo. I myself is also a frequent visitor (and member of the forum) in Soompi. And yes we all prefer it over AKP. Happy New Year everyone!
  17. That was a beautiful stage and a beautiful performance by the beautiful T-ara. Nomu nomu yeppeo! But Eunjung takes the cake of being the prettiest me thinks. Her look is absolutely gorgeous!
  18. So happy to know that T-ara charted 4 songs in the year end countdown. Lovey Dovey is really a monster of a song. Happy also to note that T-ara is the only girl group who has more than 2 songs in the top 50. Sistar (2), Miss A (2), F(x) (1), SNSD-TTS (1), 2NE1 (1). Music-wise, I think 2012 is a good year for T-ara. Let's all celebrate their success and pray for a better 2013 for them,
  19. This a great news to cap a not so great T-ara year this 2012. Just goes to show that people still thinks positively of them and still enjoy their songs despite the controversy T-ara had to go through. I can only hope for a better 2013 for T-ara. They deserve it.
  20. Thanks for sharing this one! So happy to see T-ara performing again on music program just in time for Christmas. I had to repeat the part of All I Want For Christmas Is You but only got to see Soyeon walking around. Merry Christmas everyone!
  21. Thanks for the pics! It's nice to see the girls in events like these again. The awkward sisters looks like the fashionista that they are and Eunjung and Jiyeon looks pretty as well.
  22. I think this is such a fun interview. So Eunjung has never thought of being a mother yet, must say I was a bit surprised there. Areum and Jiyeon are really like kids. Laugh at their answers when they answered each other. Eunjung picking Soyeon as her mom definitely made sense because she experienced that when they were roommates. Also laughed when they were describing Qri. I could see that she could be strict but I love what Jiyeon has said about her. It has a hint of admiration towards Qri's toughness. Thanks for sharing this!
  23. Thanks for this! Yes Qri looks beautiful 24/7. I like that she continues to use Social Media to update fans of even small things like pics or moments that she wants to share. I really miss T-ara.
  24. I understand that Eunjung wants to really move on from the Five Fingers controversy but we all know that injustice was done to her. I hope KEMA pushes through with what they are fighting for so that it'll serve a good lesson to both the actors and the producers of drama. Eunjung fighting!
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