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  1. Wait. SO now she's 14 which makes her 13, in international age. So I guess being in elementary is okay. But how will she study in the future? She can't stay in the US anymore so she'll need to go to Korea. But then she isn't even good at Korean. Plus the schedules will screw up all of her studies
  2. "T-ara as a group and their teamwork has already been tainted by the talks of a member being excluded and bullied. Because of this, what's said will be overlooked EXCUSE ME, WHAT IS IT THAT IS BEING OVERLOOKED? YOUR ANSWERING OF OUR QUESTIONS, MAYBE, MR KIM?
  3. I agree with your point. However, this behaviour could still be regarded as unprofessional. I think there are several points here that need to be discussed. What she did well: She didn't take the crap, as you said. She understood what she could have done to control the situation (as she deemed fit) and didn't get controlled by the managers instead What she failed in: Maintaining her awesome pure image Being professional, by suddenly calling it quits after doing the rehearsal Throwing tantrums in public I still hope things turn out well and Hwayoungie isn't the devil that CCM claims she is I want them to all be innocent 6-ARA and Hwayoungie And the blame to be on CCM Even if it doesn't seem very possible right now
  4. What I want to know is, how much do the PDs know about this incident? Regardles of whether the scandal is true or not, their behaviour is obviously biased against T-ARA and for Hwayoung. Shouldn't they watch their behaviour too? After seeing the article about Hwayoung being unprofessional, i don't know what to believe anymore. I just think that the PDs should watch out for and care a little about T-ARA's feelings too. What about Qri?
  5. I think we have to see about this Although it is still debatable whether or not Hwayoung is trying to cause trouble or pull down the group with her, I don't see why the other T-ARA members have not said anything. They ought to clear up this mess, even if their CEO tells them not to meddle in this matter, for their future really depends on the outcome of this thing
  6. Woah soo all of them have suddenly become anti-t ara and pro hwayoung I dunno what to do about this I had thought to myself that if this bullying thing was true I would leave the fandom But right now, CCM is only telling me that she pissed off the staff members but not a single xxxx about the bullying I think someone needs to come out soon and clear the air about whether or not there has been bullyign Or else this will be the of t-ara For now, I think i shall just keep a neutral and slightly pro-hwayoung stance Not to the extent of being anti- t ara though And what about Qri - princess?
  7. Seems that areum is reall pretty then I think the five dolls member is prettier than Dani though. But Dani will grow up and become even prettier, so let's just watch. And WTF a baby holding chips lol
  8. I need to hear this from somewhere! And anyway, so their dance team is called YAMA&HOTCHICKS? YOU HEARD HWAYOUNG WITH THE HIGH NOTE? I HAVEN'T SEEN HER SING! GIVE ME THE LINK, PLEASE!!!!!
  9. Well, if those new girls are going to rap in addition to singing, I'm gonna hate the new line-up The only good point about there being the new girls is that soyeon won't be as tired. But if they rap, then I'm gonna hate it Hwayoung Hyomin and Eunjung are the resident rappers They can't replace these girls That's good imagination! But in the event SM does do that, pitting GG and SuJu against T-ARA, it's almost 100% certain that T-ARA will lost to the two other groups
  10. 10 hours? she could have spent that time on jiyeon and hwayoung and qri and I bet they'd all have accepted
  11. Kim KwangSoo is such an ass hole "I have 30 years of experience" He is just saying that he can do whatever he wants to maximize his possible profits because he has been in the industry for so long Such an asshole It took an uber long time for people to get used to Hwayoung And now he wants to add people then it would become SNSD And if he wants to replace people I think it will be boram cos boram seems to be the weakest and has the least performance on stage But I like boram! Boram has been here since their debut! Rubbish, this is! We should send them a petition!
  12. I'd like to see them in more shows! Frankly speaking, I think they ought to relax a little on their promotions in Japan. They have been concentrating too much on Japan and the remakes of songs If they want, they should just have a new song and promote the new song They ought to focus more on their original activities in Korea and extend their influence instead of going here there everywhere and not finishing some of the perfectly Like the Japanese promotions for the previous song
  13. I think Hyoyoung was awesome too But she didn't manage to sing though I really wanna hear her singing voice
  14. I liked the song and dance, but it was so hard on my head Like, IGCBOY, where the rapidly-changing scenes gave me seizures
  15. 1 billion won plus free chicken? sounds good! They're gonna be rich rich ladies!
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