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  1. whoaaaaaa, this song is definitely going to be awesome!
  2. wow, zombies + shuffling, thats totally new, i can't imagine them in 'zombie look' doing shuffling, hahaha, it would be so epic! definitely can't wait for this one. T-ara hwaiting!
  3. wow! t-ara doing shuffling?! i really cant wait to see the mv!!
  4. hahaha, although i don't understand what they're saying, but both of them became really good friends after heroes
  5. jiyeon looks so pretty here, i think soyeon resembles IU in this mv and this is a nice song ^^
  6. wow, she totally doesn't look like an 18 year old, she looks so pretty with that style
  7. their combacks are always so awesome and i love jiyeon's long hair
  8. yay, just a week more to the release of the MV, definitely can't wait for its release
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