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  1. This looks like it's going to be dramatic just like the length of it. A mini drama suits fine!
  2. Oh god, Hyomin looks so sexy. A few of her solo pics, godly! When are all these performances gonna broadcast.. Im seeing lots of pictures on various events but not the video. Cry!
  3. love the wedding pic they all look like princesses love ya t-ara ~ i want this calendar
  4. that long hair suits eunjung well! soohyun is too handsome here,lol.
  5. i saw Mnet Chart number 1 is CRY CRY ♥ it will be so awesome if they win number 1 in their comeback stage just like SHINee's Juliette ♥ CRY CRY T ARA HWAITING !!
  6. Wow Jiyeon. Queen-like. Shes amazing. She got that something in her that makes her look really hot.
  7. Hahaha indeed. I didn't notice jiyeon's hand until I scroll up to take another look. Hahaha! And eunjung looks good! Really cheerful look. ^^
  8. yeah i agree, looks interresting, and the girls look absolutely stunning.
  9. That's where Running Man filmed the episode with 2PM's Nichkhun and SNSD's Jessica. Looks like a really fun place to visit although the room they're in doesn't particularly look like a science museum.
  10. she should sing roly poly for tony moly!!! t-ara hwaiting!!! qri so sexy and stylish as always ♥♥
  11. wish i have it. And thank god they didnt mix up their names again. Haha!
  12. The whole shop is surrounded by idols. How to not walk in? I think the shop looks really cool. Seems really interesting.
  13. so adorable! lol it's been so long and i should really get used to it, but his hair! D:
  14. wow..these new photos jjang.. i like this cry cry concept..the best concept ever.. i love hyomin eyes..her eyes soo sexy... t-ara deabak..can't wait for the MV..
  15. That man is Taecyeon's 2PM right? I'm pretty sure he is Taecyeon! But, who is the woman?
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