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  1. A japanese album!!! I'm sp proud of them~ Hopefully there will be new songs on it!
  2. WAA!!! Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!!!! I wanna see it right now^^ Finally again something by COED-School!!!
  3. of course they'll do the volunteen service another time! I'm curious what it'll be!!
  4. hope she will be healthy soon! I wish her all the best for recovering~~
  5. Will always support the girls~ I mean this is the only thing I can do here in Germany far away from South Korea XD
  6. YEAH!!! An official fanclub! That's amazing~~ I think the girls and we the fan really deserve this
  7. JAAAAAA!!!! I wanna see it right know! Kwanghaeng is my fav member of COED and I really really love COED!! I'm really looking forward to it~~
  8. Finally!!! It's here~ Thank you so much for shraing the video~ I like it~
  9. Man, I think they houl drelease them faster! Is there any information about the other coming MVs? I'm waiting for the CO-ED version!!!!!
  10. I'm pretty sad that I can't go to their concert in the USA! Please come to Germany and have an even better performance~
  11. I hope that they'll become #1!!! And I'd like the ride the same subway if they really go by it
  12. When I saw the ending of the drama MV I nearly cried! It was sooooo sad!!
  13. I heard about the rumours and well my reaction that there will be no new member... I think it is good. I like T-ara like they are and a new member is always such a strange news. I would have supported the new members if there really had come a new one but I'm happy that there is no new member~
  14. I think they will really need this 10-days holiday! And I think they really deserve it
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