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  1. Dang Kqueens, What a bunch of losers. Find something better to do. At least T-ara was classy about it.
  2. Looking forward to the new comeback! And hopefully it will be a COME BACK!

  3. Qri does care! We are so blessed! I can't wait for this new album/MV/recovery!
  4. Thanks for the translation, Elly! I hope more good than bad comes out of this, things seem to have a way of screwing up lately
  5. I mean, I honestly won't watch it without her in it because I'm just disinterested at that point.
  6. Well, at least she's resting. Hopefully she'll be back up and at'em soon!
  7. Oh my goodness, through watching this thing it was awful seeing her in such a sad condition. I really hoped no one would have asked but... people like to start trouble. This just sucks. I want the best for her.
  8. Leave a message it said... so Hi! it's lord noodles!

  9. I'm leaving you a profile feed. foooood

  10. Jeez this is new and already has a ton of views. I've been saying that about ad-view generation for awhile now (not to mention AKP runs awfully on my computer because of it), but never has it been more apparent than now that there is reckless reporting from "reporters". From a public policy point of view, should news be allowed to have internet advertisements like this? If their income is based on viewership, every hyped up article, mis-titled article, bad news article is sure to draw a ton of views. I am of the opinion that news sites should not be allowed to have advertisements. Their job is to report the news.
  11. Hello! We're gonna work on this thing, right?!?!?!

  12. Why would you close it. Even disbanded groups have fan sites.
  13. What in the sam hell is going on... I take each bit of information with a grain of salt, but nonetheless I feel like i'm being led around in some weird goose chase. Even so, while this is big news, I sometimes wonder, what are we NOT seeing?
  14. hahahahhaa epic last comment 'No need to shut down..." BAM! SHUTDOWN!

  15. I think Eunjung thrives on being busy, because seriously, she is always doing something. Oh summer comeback? Why not also do a script reading for your drama, SNL Korea, and running man in the same week. No biggie, just Eunjung being busy as usual.
  16. This makes me nervous. I really like how they are right now, and they are at the top of their game after releasing LD and completing tour in Japan.
  17. When I read about the news at first, I initially thought the same thing because she's one of the least busy members, but reading it again, it seems to be really a Japanese drama and not so much Korean, thus the travel between Korea and Japan would be significant despite T-ara's promotions in Japan. Maybe Q-ri saw how brutal Eunjung or Jiyeon's schedules were with acting roles and didn't really want to stretch herself too thin.
  18. While its a shame Qri can't participate, it's probably for the best considering the substantial travel. In other news, is this other girl one of the girls from the Lovey Dovey in Tokyo video?!?!
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