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  1. Im so jealous of japanese fan TT_TT The cafe looks so beautiful!! i wan to go there tooo
  2. Almost forget bout boram bday project~Shall write the message and donate aft thur

  3. I only wan to see Daesung and Jaesuk lol~the dumb and dumber

  4. Hope they sell those posters in the cafe ;_; they are so beautiful

  5. Pokemon Yellow in app store..im so tempted to buy it..my childhood game..

  6. lol~he said he don mind going for the concert if all the perf is going to be shindong's

  7. I dont like how K-collection in Seoul Website uses T-ara lies concept pic to show T-ara as an attending artist they have 7 members now...

  8. Sleepy...shall dump my phone and go to slp.

  9. THe T-ara cut torrent is huge

  10. Dota 2 finally implemented the repick function..

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