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  1. Im so jealous of japanese fan TT_TT The cafe looks so beautiful!! i wan to go there tooo
  2. Almost forget bout boram bday project~Shall write the message and donate aft thur

  3. I only wan to see Daesung and Jaesuk lol~the dumb and dumber

  4. Hope they sell those posters in the cafe ;_; they are so beautiful

  5. Pokemon Yellow in app store..im so tempted to buy it..my childhood game..

  6. lol~he said he don mind going for the concert if all the perf is going to be shindong's

  7. I dont like how K-collection in Seoul Website uses T-ara lies concept pic to show T-ara as an attending artist they have 7 members now...

  8. Sleepy...shall dump my phone and go to slp.

  9. THe T-ara cut torrent is huge

  10. Dota 2 finally implemented the repick function..

  11. 1 bil is a huge sum!!! T-ara is becoming more and more popular!! Lets all go and eat some Gibalhan chicken now xD
  12. This is all because of your hardwork hyomin!! LvDv plus is nice song Speed n T-ara Hwaiting!~
  13. Glad to know that our girls are really popular in Europe^^ I feel so proud of them!!! T-ara Hwaiting!~
  14. Thrs still airport pic ;_; shall post all tomoro~

  15. Today exam is hard ;_;

  16. Ahhh~so meldot jeonboramdot and hyomdot is at the party~

  17. Looking at numbers for the whole day..

  18. Pallet Town is trending!! POKEMON!!!!

  19. im really horrible at Angry Bird OTL

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