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  1. I'm gonna meet u again!!! ... *screaming* Welcome to Vietnam, my precious girls!!!
  2. *Fainted* *FANGIRLING mode turn ON* VIETNAM ON THE LIST!!! I should think about the gift from now.
  3. What? Threaten?? Seriously??? He supposes to be a PD, not a gang member or sth right???? If Eunjung is going to be back to this drama, removing this PD too.
  4. You are the girl who can do it all. I know u'll be back and I'll wait. Antis, haters, ignorant people... it's time to ignore u guys
  5. I keep smiling on the bunch of xxxx that happened to our girls recently, but not anymore, even thought this mess is kinda funny. U expel a LEAD role and her or her agency, her castmate or even the PD of the drama know nothing about it. WTH on earth just happen?
  6. Where's my cheerful Eunjung?! Watch some old live perfs and then this... It's hurt to see her like this... Whatever happen... We always support u
  7. Oh God, why everything had to happen at the same time?! Well, this probably become another evidence, kinda "God take the action" or sth. Obviously, they'll think that So deserve all this.
  8. Oh come on netizens, dont try to kill me with ur amazing stupidity. I know u improve day by day but u dont need to show it everyday, STUPID.
  9. Now all of fans's emotion just become his toy. I accept to be played as long as u give me a sastified ending. I need my 7-ara.
  10. Why didnt u let her to stay ( I need my 7-ara (
  11. Still there's no answer about Hwa is going to join back or not. I need that news KKS. I also need to hear sth from the girls
  12. Maybe there to much fights and haters bashing all around. Hey haters, Diadems still here, do u wanna join?
  13. Now I just feel like he put all the blame to Hwayoung and the rest of girls with all this happening. WTF is that KKS? Hwa is going to back for the last album and then gone to nowhere like Gyuri?
  14. Lies are just everywhere, I dont know where to believe except what I see, I feel. From all the thing I know about T-ARA, I choose to believe in them. In case I can see the real proofs that they really did, I'll reconsider believe in them or not but one thing for sure. They can "not always right", but I can "always love them". Am I Blind? It's okay then. It's still more reasonable than believe in bunch of things that I dont even know where it come from. That's all. ------- Ps, What are words if they're only for good times then they dont?
  15. After all this mess and u still decide adding the members? LET'S 6-ARA ALONE!!!!!!
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