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  1. Good news ! Congratz to our girls!! They deserve it 2013 will be another awesome year for T-ARA
  2. I would like buy one too since it's not really expensive... but im just not sure how it will look like since most of the pics Hwa is edited out and both edges of the pic
  3. Love all the Sexy Love concept photos!! It's so pretty and classy!! I like Qri's new hair colour and style~ she looks stunning and cute
  4. Thanks for the pics!! Qri ahh you look so cute lately......!! Hyomin looks really hot too! really sexy I guess it's Boram that stands in the front!! How come they two look like a kid to me hehe !! so cute!!
  5. KKS always has so many surprises. I really didnt expect they would come out a Tokyo version again but I really like this version! I'm relieved to see their smiles again!! There r so many SooRi moment in this mv , haha!! Fighting T-ARA
  6. I hate you 5 Fingers PPL sponsors Stop pls~ you will hurt Eunjung ! If they ever do this to our Eunjung, I demand T-jinyo to hold a protests in front of these ppl houses!
  7. So we have to pay if we want to join the official fanclub?? I hope International fans can join too...
  8. So does that mean we have to pay member fees in order to be a member of the fanclub? what if i joined already. will i get kick out?
  9. Yeahh! T-ARA Daebak!! In fact, i really like Lovey Dovey coz it's really addictive!! Huge success !!
  10. Honestly, im not surprised!! after all it's just KKS/CCM's style!! sigh...never seem to release things on time!! -O-"
  11. I love how the female MC is a fangirl of T-ARA!! haha Seriously, I cant wait for the full MV to come out coz they all look gorgeous ..
  12. anyone has a tutorial on how to register and vote?? ahhh...Tara really deserves it!! Roly Poly is Daebak
  13. Oh my....im so happy for our girls!! 1st award for Cry Cry!! but wae.....i wanna see them receive the award now...not until nx week i cant wait!! Today MusicBank Fighting!! Tara Fighting!!
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