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    smalltara got a reaction from CHECKZ209 in [13.01.01] T-ara Top Female Group at 2012 Soompi Gayo Awards   
    Good news ! Congratz to our girls!! They deserve it
    2013 will be another awesome year for T-ARA
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    smalltara reacted to nathaniel in [12.12.05] T-ara reveals their favorite T-ara songs and ideal types in haru*hana magazine   
    [12.12.05] T-ara reveals their favorite T-ara songs and ideal types in haru*hana magazine

    Q1 - Favorite T-ara song
    Q2 - Ideal type
    Q3 - Ideal date
    Q4 - Style they want to try
    Q5 - What they bought recently
    Q6 - Christmas plans (Soyeon and Boram)
    1. Sexy Love. This is a presentation of a new tune to everybody of Japan, and they love it. I think it's a tune that everyone has interest in.
    2. Who would take the time to love me. Act like an adult. Someone I can depend on.
    3. Walking in the city, I want a normal date.
    4. Wearing a casual knit and sneakers, I want to try a rough style but still looking like a girl.
    5. A ring bought in Japan, a hat, an inn in a forest. I would also like 1 or 2 accessories.
    6. I have always overlooked my family household, so this year I want to have a party with my friends. Soyeon's Christmas Party. In this party there will be music, food, Kimaru, and me and my friends.
    1. Like The First Time. Up until now a never seen before heroic style tune, with sexy choreography and I think the lyrics are sexy when girls do it. We did not do the rapping part, I felt it was a unique single. (?)
    2. When walking, or tumbling, casually protecting me. (smiles)
    3. Someone who is simple and affectionate. I want walk in the city while holdings hands. I want to go play in the park.
    4. We did a modern, sick, cool style. This winter we took on a girly fashion with a knit and sweater that spoke girl style.
    5. After a lot of matching, i finally bought a cheap yellow coat. I wore a rider jacket and a jumper. Recently I bought a cardigan and wool coat.
    1. Bye Bye. While we were training, it was the first song given to us. I'm happy that it's put in this album.
    2. I like a hard working person who wouldn't let me down.
    3. I want to walk through the city and watch a movie.
    4. Even though it's an un-matching style, - cut and high heels, I want to try it out anyways because it's winter.
    5. I'm not interested but - my mother always - my mother's style is better than me (smile). Before she bought this for me.
    1. Like The First Time. I was absent for one week and there was a lot I didn't know. So a new lead was put in. We also did rapping and it was brave feeling I enjoyed.
    2. Someone with good hair (that's so cool!)
    3. I want to go to the park.
    4. I really love fur. This winter I want to wear fur.
    5. I bought six shoes. They're the same design. Stars, Wakka, Sonica (brands), I bought all of them.
    1. Sexy Love. It has a robot dance which I enjoyed.
    2. Someone who does hard work and dances well.
    3. I want to go on a date and eat delicious things.
    4. The movie 'I Love You, I Love You Not'. I like the clothes in that movie, but maybe it won't suit me.
    5. I bought a cardigan.
    1. Like The First Time. The lyrics, the song, the beat, everything is sexy. I like the atmosphere and the choreography is totally sexy.
    2. Someone who is unstable [spontaneous?] and eats a lot of delicious breakfast.
    3. - I like to go to a lot of places to play.
    4. I like to try on different things as a challenge. This year, I want to try French chic style and hippy style. I want to try and mix flower skirts and ankle boots.
    5. I bought fur but I haven't tried it out yet. This winter I want to try out a lot.
    1. Bye Bye. The first time I heard it, I remember enjoying singing it.
    2. A likeable man, who I can instantly say I like. (smile)
    3. I want to go to the park, I want to wear a couple outfit.
    4. I like to arrange all different colors of my fashion style. I didn't like it before that much but now I like to try different colors.
    5. I bought a lot of knits. I like the style of wearing a rose on top, and I bought a big knit of it.
    6. I like spending Christmas with people I like and watching the snow fall.
    Source: haruhana scans
    Translated by: OmegaKrypton @ Diadem
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    smalltara reacted to adnkage in [12.09.04] Core Contents Media clarifies "Little T-ara" performance announcement   
    LOL Boram have the same size as the Little T-ara
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    smalltara reacted to syind2407 in [12.08.20] Eunjung and Lee Jangwoo to have their last MBC "We Got Married" episode on the 25th   
    How come I don't feel sad about ej leaving wgm. I am pretty much happy with her leaving..haha..so now she won't have to filmed all those romantic scenes with jangwoo... ^^
    But I hope she will get another variety show..if possible together with jiyeon..hehe...long live eunyeon.. *sorry I'm an eunyeon shipper.. ^^
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