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  1. kyuri is so cute.. yes.. they did the right step i am so happy now.. qri made the right choice as the oldest member.. i think she should be more active to handle this team... thats why i dont like the younger member as the leader of any groups
  2. poor soyeon hope she will get well soon fighting soyeon wait for your new movie
  3. soyeon....... so beautifulll.... can't wait for saturday waw areum is very beautiful in here
  4. wahahaha... this was what I mean.. CCM should make the dance version can't wait for this one... The background looks so great... t-ara fighting
  5. waaaaaaaa.. so yesterday they were practicing day by day for their come back hope everything's gonna be allright. hehe.. no injuries or something like that 8-ara fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. waw it will be "SOMETHING" hope lovey dovey will make people speechless... fighting t-ara
  7. congratz for soyeon i will always support you /...... fighting..... lead t-ara to the top im sure you can do it
  8. cry cry...... it has launched... the best mv of this year... concept, story, act.. everything is good in this MV.. still wait for lovey dovey
  9. waw.. eunjung again.. daebakk... hope she will get an award for her acting someday fighting eunjung i will wait for your drama
  10. hahaha hyomin is very pretty... i like this concept...so innocent..
  11. ahaha i like the concept... being a primitive girls/ such a rare concept... traditional. old.. very different and unique... fighting t-ara i hope this song will get attention from japanese people..
  12. aah.. poor t-ara i think it just a miss understanding, fighting t-ara for the next dayy... i will support you always...
  13. thank you for sharing this video... they look so great.... love to see all of their vids... t-ara fighting
  14. go go t-ara show to the world you can win the triple crown... they are so amazing fighting tiara
  15. waw.. so charming.. i really like their outfits...and the concept is awesome t-ara fightingggggg
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