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  1. you are right, absolutely right.. we dont know yet if this move gonna turn out bad or good or if this gonna really help t-ara in the future.. the problem is some of the Queens already think in a negative way.. you should know better coz negative thinking can really attract negative effects.. even if Chris brown had done scandalous acts in the past that doesnt mean that he cant change as time goes by.. there are a lot of singers or artist have been in more worst scandals than him and yet they still stand tall against his/her wrongful doings in their past.. as long as they learn from those mistakes and make a better image in the future.. Queens chill, relax and just wait wat will happen, everything happens for a reason, it might be a reason to learn or improve himself and a reason to make us be more stronger than ever..
  2. in the us eventhough a certain artist have encountered controversies regardless of those scandals as long as his music can still hit high on the charts those controversies would just stay on his shadow.. international speaking if t-ara n4 would be in associate with chris brown's name that would be very beneficial for them worldwide because it would help them broaden their fandom.. in korea, k-netizens/haters would just keep on bashing what t-ara will do in the future so why do we need to care for them.. the important thing is collaborating with an international star could bring t-ara's name to its greater heights internationally.. let's think positive things and dont mind k-netizens/bashers/haters will say, besides they will always talk and talk and talk bad things to t-ara.. we should just say to these insecure people "WHY YOU HATING?, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS" hahaha..
  3. that's so rude...im very disappointed with the attitude the k-fans has right now.. t-ara's controversy is not even proven true but these local fans keep on insisting a rumor to be true and acting as if they didnt undergone good schooling and most especially taught by their parents about manners at all... how immature they are.. don't worry t-ara you still have a more mature and understanding international fans.. its better to spread your wings outside and breathe normally than be trapped in a plane where in you are all suffocating..
  4. hahahahahaha i just wanna lough out loud to the faces of those haters out there.... and what are they saying that t-ara won't be able to rise again? hahahahaha.. i can only imagine their frustrated look right now.. well they sure had eaten their own words.... to our T-ARA DAEBAKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! In a few weeks or even days now im sure you can bring back all the things that haters take away from you.. all the drama offers, advertisements/endorsements, tv shows, adds, and love calls... fighting!!!!!! :) <3
  5. woooooowww their all so pretty especially queenie qri... she's the perfect doll among them.. :)
  6. this is soooooo addictive.... i can feel it .. t-ara would climb to the no. spot all through out just like lovey dovey... t-ara fighting.. never loose hope and never will.. t-ara would still remains as t-ara.. queens of kpop
  7. the only PD who has a sense of judgement if only all the other PDs have the same thinking like him then the entertainment industry would be a safer home for the artists and in that way depression that will sort to suicide would be avoided..
  8. oh, so all the tv networks are boycotting t-ara because of unproven bullying issues? the people are being mean to t-ara.. all of them against 8 girls? do they think that's fair?..
  9. how dare that PD.. I just hope that without eunjung in it their drama would be doomed... what goes around comes around.. PD will suffer with the consequences of his evilness
  10. they are attacking t-ara because they are claiming them of being bullies but who are really the bigger bullies huh, SBS /SPONSORS?.. eunjung deserves some respect even in the midst of this controversies.. the real evil should be the one to be punished and not the innocent ones..
  11. These people are so rude.. if they had plans like this then they should have cut eunjung before the presscon or right after the controversy broke.. in that way it will not hurt her more like this.. they had said, she will remain in the drama even in the midst of controversy and that it will never affect their judgement regarding on that matter.. they had made her believe on that assurance but now, what happened huh?.. yes,these people are just protecting their businesses but they shouldn't have let her leave like that when she had been officially introduced in the presscon as the lead character and had been announced that she'll start filming this week.. to make it worst they didn't even tell her in person, she was only informed through a media source.. that was so rude of them, she must also be treated with respect even if t-ara is facing some problems right now... the reason why im looking forward with this drama is because it had eunjung in it but if she'll be gone then i wouldnt waste my time on watching the drama anymore..
  12. "Netizens have protested for T-ara's Hyomin, Eunjung and Soyeon (KBS Haeundae Lovers) to be removed from their dramas, however all of the drama broadcasters decided not to make that change." - netizens/haters are full of themselves, broadcasts centers are more mature enough to think not like toddlers ehem netizen's way of thinking... the haters would still not succeed on breaking t-ara coz we are still here to defend and support them.. fighting fighting..
  13. im excited on this release and for davichi to debut also in japan..fighting tara and davichi
  14. Skies are crying I am watching Catching teardrops in my hands Only silence as it's ending, like we never had a chance Do you have to, make me feel like there is nothing left of me? You can take everything I have You can break everything I am Like I'm made of glass Like I'm made of paper Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground Like a skyscraper! Like a skyscraper! As the smoke clears I awaken, and untangle you from me Would it make you, feel better to watch me while I bleed? All my windows, still are broken But I'm standing on my feet Go run, run, run (haters) I'm gonna stay right here Watch you disappear, yeah Go run, run, run Yeah it's a long way down But I am closer to the clouds up here You can take everything I have You can break everything I am Like i'm made of glass Like i'm made of paper, Ohhh woaah Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground Like a skyscraper! Like a skyscraper! t-ara and my fellow queens Be strong like what the song of demi lovato is conveying.. to t-ara we are all here for you.. we believe in you.. rise up and keep standing, these nightmare will soon disappear have faith.. figthing!!! in every storm there will always be a rainbow, that's why we shouldnt loose hope.. :) <3
  15. wow,netizens/haters are really thick-skinned individuals.. they demand apology? were infact they should be the one to apologize with all the ill manner they're showing without even knowing if the issues regarding t-ara are proven true.. how dare they act like that.. they are the real bullies not our girls.. i hope all these accusations and hurtful words would backlash on haters...
  16. reckless media/site postings is not concerned with hurting people or what might be the impact to the majority... their just doing all of this chaos because of MONEY and for their ratings to go all the way up, coz they know that its the easiest way up.. if only these sites would just show fairness and be objective rather than be subjective in their postings, celeb/personalities/idols could breathe normally.. but sad to say life is always been so unfair.. im just relying on the quote "what goes around comes around" good deeds=good fortune, bad deeds=misfortune
  17. wow im proud to ccm/kks right now (only now).. atleast now they are using their brains in making right decisions... i just hope that the no. 1 on the list is the bitter AKP, their gossip articles makes my blood really boil to 100 degrees.. hahahaha
  18. according to the update t-jinyo changed their mind in meeting with ccm and insisted to meet on our girls...though, kks could have solve it by making our girls clarified the issue rather than him making all the clarifications..but maybe, he thinks that t-ara still is very emotional right now that's why he is the one doing all the talk, if im right on that atleast he is really being a father/a friend to them rather than just their ceo.. but anyway, my opinion on t-jinyo was, days before their said protest they're so proud and but on their scheduled date they just backout like that, it just prove that t-jinyo's are just good with words but in reality they're just bunch of cowardly kids.. why can't they just stop, t-ara's fellow idols who had met and worked with t-ara supported them but t-jinyo and the haters who didn't even had a chance on meeting and working with them judge like as if they had been with t-ara..
  19. i want to slap this article to those netizens.. and to AKP, this just proves you are a greedy portal site.. this should have been featured on their site but because its a positive article they didnt..
  20. kks/ccm should realize that its better to let t-ara speak for themselves coz that's the only way netizens/haters might believe them and could shut them up..the more kks/ccm talks the more they don't believe him and with that the issue gets bigger and bigger... and i know that he knows too well that he is the most hated ceo ever in the kpop industry...
  21. Its really heartbreaking for me to see t-ara, the one and only girlband i had loved for a long while now, go crumble because of the malicious articles, haters that keeps on bashing, and to those fans who had claimed they'll support t-ara no matter happens.. but where are they now? now that t-ara needs them...just because of that bullying issue which is never been confirmed or proven in any way, they would just leave and be the ones who keep hurting t-ara.. to hell with them, i don't care anymore if only a few would still stand at t-ara's side right now.. the important thing is atleast the true ones have stayed and not a big number who are all fakes.. it's really funny how people simply judge others by just reading or hearing things without any evident proof at all..they think they know everything but in reality they just believe what they wanted to believe and that their sense of judgement are already clouded with ill opinionated thoughts... i still have this faith in t-ara, that they are not as the haters describes them to be.. why did i said that, coz there are facts that one couldn't deny at all, one is that they do have a close relationship with other idols also like eunjung and gyuri, hyomin and sunny, jiyeon, iu, luna, and suzy.. they also are close with yama&chicks (their dance company), and some of their label mates who had never once complained about them.. if they really have a bad attitude like bullying, it should have been brought up long before this accusations errupted.. i thought blind people are the only ones who can't see, but im all wrong even people who are blessed with an eyesight are also the blind one.. ccm/kss should alone suffer the consequences for their bad decisions and not t-ara... if there's only one to blame, haters should blame the company but not the artist who had constantly working themselves out not only for their company, but also for their fans, and most especially for their family as well... there i just said what im really feeling right now,this things have been kept in my heart for a while now so i feel so much better now having to share it to my fellow diadem... t-ara for me would still be eunjung, hyomin, jiyeon, soyeon, boram, qri, hwayoung, and the two new members: areum and dani.. i would still be a t-ara fan even though they would still be in ccm/kks/devil's lair besides its the artist that i love and not the company.. t-ara fighting!!! diadem figting!!! queens fighting!!!
  22. whoah, just months ago they've said il support t-ara forever...but where are they now... those people should no longer come back, they don't deserve being a t-ara fan at all... it's better for them to go besides narrow minded people are not needed at all... as for me, i would still stay by t-ara's side no matter what.. i don't believe them to have bullied hwa.. she had been with t-ara for morethan a year now, she wouldnt last that long if she is being bullied... whoever tell lies or the truth,, one thing im sure of is that eunjung, soyeon, hyomin, jiyeon, boram, qri would never bully on someone.. they do have closefriends who are wellknown idols also, if they do have a bad attitude then they could never have gained those friends...
  23. i've been their fan for a long time now.. ive been constantly updating myself on t-ara.. ive watched a thousand times their mvs, guest shows, variety shows and had read a lot of articles pertaining to them.. and from that one can observe what kind of bonding they have...in an interview where eunjung got teary eyed when asked about the bonding that t-ara has.. here's her answer, “All of us have been through so much. That’s why I want to be with them for as long as possible,” says Eunjung, “Most of us get very lonely as we don’t get to see our family all that often, so we depend on each other to cheer each other up.”“We’re more like family now,” continues Eunjung, “We’re sisters. If a member were to come up to me and say ‘Someone said something bad about me’ or ‘This person hurt me,’ I wouldn’t think twice about getting up and doing something about it.” so base from that, never have i imagine t-ara members would do such thing as to bully their fellow member coz of the fact that she wasn't able to perform with them because of an injury.. they have been injured like her before and wasn't able to perform as well they know the feeling of being injured and being depressed , that's why i know t-ara wouldn't do such a childish thing like "bully".. i'l just patiently wait for tomorrows big announcement.. i have faith that t-ara as 9 members, composing the original 7 + the 2 new members would still be intact.. it's there 3rd year anniversary, things would go well.. have faith with t-ara Queens..
  24. im just curious if ahreum also performed onstaged in the Roly Poly Song
  25. since it's already official that she is the new member of our t-ara, no need to bashed her because of her age..she is with t-ara now..if you are indeed a t-ara fan then,our support should go to the group no matter what.. because i really love the original members that had worked hard to be the t-ara we know now, i would try also to accept and learn to love the new members since they are still part of t-ara..
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