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  1. This time is hard for Hwayoung joining any company >"<
  2. The songs and dance actually are super good. I cant wait to see T-ara perform it
  3. where is my eunjung? OMG >"<. did she go on this trip too?
  4. I hope it should be in english then we can all understand it. lool
  5. Dont worry dear, you will receive more than the one u lost, Junggie. Stay strong, we r here to support u
  6. they look all nice. Glad to see they r enjoying there
  7. The ladies may perform on Korean Music Festival 28th April. But this concert in SF has been cancelled for sure >"<
  8. Wowo. Morocan diadems are so lucky. I wish one day I could see T-ara's carrying on Vietnamese flag
  9. Good to see the HQ pics. All of them are always the cutest. I'm glad to see that although Junggie wasnt able to perform, she were still there to meet fans. Ji also spent time to fly to Paris despite of her busy schedule with Dream high 2. T-ara Daebak.
  10. oh come on Minnie ~~ what's so good about WGM? That's all fake...anyway, as u like it...we will follow that
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