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  1. i'm not queen's from the start but i will be queen's till the end..I'M SO PROUD!

  2. i'm not queen's from the start but i will be queen's till the end..I'M SO PROUD!

  3. You will not cry The love all that transactions When mind gives decreases, the breast transactions is sick To be sick is a love, You whom a tear gathers that much and laughs recently If the love also rings you, If loved truly, if there is not truth regret, Became with it, A tear flows and the love hayss is a grade intention Makes effort, erases chart a possibility of crying there is not When longed for is longed for, to call the name, When is too lonely, the binocular also feeling e As will...

  4. dah bce x my fic "cry2 sequel" ? kalo lom,bce ar.. i think u will like it..hahahaaa..

  5. *sigh* i keep worry about my ''vitamin'' condition.. jiyeon.. :( i hope after this she will take care her healthy well..no more sick..it just hurting her fans heart to see her in pain..

  6. syilah,just search ''nonny bd''..u will find my fb.. i use profile pic jiyeon holding the gun and she crying...(my favprite pic in mv cry2)..hhahha..

  7. syilah:my name is nonny bd.. :)

  8. pinkyaya:it will never change..hahha..

    well,i want to be jiyeon fan 4ever..

    coz she very adoreable person..

  9. syilah:i'm 22...

    how about u?

  10. pinkyaya:my bias will never change..

    i want to stick with jiyeon till 4ever...hahahhaaaaa.. i juust <3 to see the frienship between her & eunjung..i don't know but i like with eunjung character and i like keep look at her face...hahahaha..

  11. hye syilah...

    sorry late eply..

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