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  1. I expected roly poly was number 1 when I click this.oh well,it's already good to be on the list
  2. gonna be hit like roly poly!!!T-ara fighting!!
  3. Congrats Soyeon!!!finally the time has come.she really deserve it since she is a speaker of T-ara and very talkative but,I'm wondering if Qri one day become a leader,,since she quite shy really..but,if that things happen,I will support Qri 110% and I know she can handle it well!!
  4. YESSSS!!!gonna be interesting!! A MUST SEE DRAMA NEXT YEAR!!!
  5. yeahhh!! finally first win for T-ara!! we could see more soon ^^ T-ara fighting!!!
  6. Soyeon so good speaking japanese ^^ kawaiii~~ ekekee T-ara daebak!
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