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  1. I don't k ow what to say and how to respond, but Qri unnie. . Be strong, I know how it feel actually.
  2. T-ara is my life. And Hwayoung you are always be loved.

  3. To all M-queen's and queen's from other countries that went to airport last night, thanks for the hard work and photos. Thanks for letting T-ara know they are still loved by us. Thanks for supporting them through high and low. Is really touching. 티아라 화이팅!!! Queen's 화이팅!!!
  4. I want that towel!!!!!!!! Qri is pretty ttm with this hair and the suit!
  5. Can they at least check before they follow the flow? Why they have to treat jungie this way? Stop telling me the stuffing of mochi into Hwa's mouth incident. All I see is playing with her dongsang! D:< Abondon Jungie? then I will abandon 5F.
  6. This flashy thing happen again, really make me feel like smashing all the flash light..Last time was 'I'm crazy because of you'. Now is this.. Gosh.. If they can make Gangkiz's MAMA in simple way, why not this..? Aishiiiii... Anw, I will still re-watch it.. The dance is nice and T-ara is so pretty!!!! Hope DBD part2 will be out asap /:
  7. So when is the part two coming out? Anw soyeon is also in the act, but will be in part2.. And then again, Where's my Hwayoung, qri and Rambo? /: why ccm cover them up again? Can just let them shine?! Argh! They have talent!! STOP HIDDING THEM!!!
  8. The first picture from far.. I though there are two eunjung. End up when zoom in.. Ohhhh. Is Hwayoung.. ㅋㅋㅋ
  9. Can July come like now?! I wanna see the mv now!! Regardless, if it's 20min or an hour!! I will sit down and watch everything!!! And is hwayoung, Qri and Rambo in the mv?! Can CCM let them shine!!!!!!!?
  10. Replay and play, pause and play.. This is what i do when I want to look at each of their expression.. Qri and Hwayoung are so cute!!!!!!
  11. So happy they finally get their solo concert, they must be tired. But I guess they're feeling contended at the same time ((: T-ara hard work really pay off well, this concert already prove everything. As a Diadem, I once bow to T-ara again. For their hard work, effort and etc. -bow-
  12. I really want to watch this concert.. But I just came back from bangkok not long ago ): T-ARA!!! COME TO SINGAPORE PLEASE~~~~~~~
  13. Only Qri and Jiyeon can be recognize.. Soyeon looks like when she just debut.. Hwayoung Hyomin and Eunjung just look.. /: They should not look like this.. THEY ARE MUCH MORE PRETTIER! /:
  14. Download the apps! Gonna play now! Eunjung's icon is so cute!
  15. Cute! I like the way she sleep and the way she suck the tomato! CUTE!
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