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  1. Nothing much words could express how great she is Her determination, yes determination I mean... She faced and deal with it, gone thru all the hard process, and she did it, and now returned to a slim but perfect figure line
  2. Nice shot! Thanks for the efforts and sharing all the beautiful photo of the girls It's so good of you guys who attended the event to have memorable moments with them
  3. got to listen to a short version of banisuta~ Jungie's voice~~~
  4. Eunjung the sleeping beauty... "she's known as the idol who sleeps whenever and wherever."
  5. Eunjung looked tired and sad again for the performances this few days.... She didn't smile like she always do when perform on stage. It's really sad to see her like that... Really hope that things will get better soon~ Can't wait to see her on the showcase this week~!
  6. They looked good today. Eunjung looked so white, very cute. More close-up of her today~~~~ Hyomin smile nicely today, like a shy lady Qri's appearance and eyes looked like a doll in manga.
  7. With MJ outfits, a new boy group called T-Jackson has been formed and the era of T-jackson has arrived~~~~
  8. Great news~! They will be sure getting better and better in foreign countries, anticipating...
  9. Jungie's adorable smile and voice, charming and energetic... I miss her trademarks~~~!
  10. well, no matter what and how.... we're still here supporting the girls. That's the best supports and comfort we can show them. We all know that they are very afraid to face the public now and have lost so much confident, even those smile have gone too. However, no matter who's right or wrong, they'll learn through the incident and take it as a lesson to improve themselves, that's life, every single person is the same and human do make mistakes and meet with difficulties. So when the day they appear on screen as a team again, that will be the day they fully embrace all the supports given for them and being brave enough to perform or do even better than ever. Hope for T-ara to make another hit again.
  11. lets wait until the day to come..... it's very hard to believe all the news now as things could change in the last minute. for what to believe from now on, it's better to really see them appear on stage.
  13. Eunjung, you always looks adorable! Cute~~~
  14. Eunjung seems to be........ unhappy??? Seldom see her in photo without a smile....
  15. I'm glad to see Eunjung here..... Hope she will recover faster to perform on stage
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