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  1. Honestly I've never watch it LOL but I love to watch it. Especially if Jiyeon's gonna be one in it.
  2. The ballad version is really really awesome too! I love the drama of it.
  3. Of course it's Eunjung! I really really love her and happy for her. Eunjung Fighting!
  4. I really really love the choreography so strong and sexy and yes powerful!!!
  5. 5 versions of them? Wow, whatever it is I want it all in my collection hehe T-ARA Fighting!!!
  6. I love their navy suit, want to have one hehe. Jiyeon with long hair is soooooo pretty
  7. I love it every time that Jiyeon put her hair down, so sweet and pretty!!! I love the red dress too!
  8. Wow I'm really in all this. I support Eunjung as a an actress too! I wanna watch this series so much!
  9. Qri's outfit is fierce! You go girl!
  10. I wish that I can buy all of this collection. I want to know all the products!
  11. I am so love love that Jiyeon let her hair down like that. So pretty and beautiful!!!
  12. Wow, Jiyeon is so beautiful. She has a natural beauty. Really really like her.
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