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  1. KKS really pushing so hard aruem to replace Hwayoung ayyt... let see tho...
  2. for me tbh.. to comeback this early is a bad idea... scandal still fresh tho..
  3. there is nothing we can do about the media who making the lies become truth tho... the reason why i dont watch TV
  4. glad that a lot of companies really wants to get my hwayoungie... a lot people really know that she is so talented.. hope for the best hwayoungie... T-ara and hwayoung fighting..
  5. i really hope too that hwayoung will rejoin.. but... as long as no hwayoung on T-ara sorry to say but im out... its really hard for me to stay on Queen's will my bias is out.. i just cant doit tho... hope the rumors will end and T-ara will gerrut again so good luck queens its nice being a part of this fandom... byieee... and bout the rumor.. ( you cant blame the people who are hating both T-ara and hwayoung coz as long as the truth will not reveal they gonna believe what they want.. its human nature ) Hwayoung saranghae
  6. i told yah guys before KKS has a trump card... and this is it.. hes gonna use her sister to make hwayoung back and put all the blame to her... well played idiot KKS... T-ara must leave CCM now...
  7. he really dont know what to do now guys... hes trap obviously .. you think you're the boss huh? what now fcker...
  8. read this.. "Japanese T-ara staff tweet: I was a translator/assistant during T-ara's magazine shoot. Back then (around February), Hwayoung definitely did not talk to anyone. She was always calm. She didn't talk to the makeup artists or the other members. She only focused on her work. She always smiled at the staff. She left a good impression." twitter(dot)com / kittychocola / status / 229791579714490368
  9. KKS just say it earlier that " health 1st " then now hes ruined Hwayoung image.. what a dck..! T-ara must leave CCM now tho
  10. hwayoungie be strong ok.. ill support no matter what happens.. hope you getup soon
  11. sorry guys i think ill be quitting on QUEEN'S NOW... i still support T-ara but ill follow my hwayoungie.. hope you guys still support her tho..
  12. im worried specially to my bias hwayoung... we all know shes really hurt...
  13. me too.. i dont like this feeling... just stay together T-ara i cant wait ... 2 more days
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