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  1. i really hope too that hwayoung will rejoin.. but... as long as no hwayoung on T-ara sorry to say but im out... its really hard for me to stay on Queen's will my bias is out.. i just cant doit tho... hope the rumors will end and T-ara will gerrut again so good luck queens its nice being a part of this fandom... byieee... :)

    and bout the rumor.. ( you cant blame the people who are hating both T-ara and hwayoung coz as long as the truth will not reveal they gonna believe what they want.. its human nature )

    Hwayoung saranghae :)

  2. read this..

    "Japanese T-ara staff tweet: I was a translator/assistant during T-ara's magazine shoot. Back then (around February), Hwayoung definitely did not talk to anyone. She was always calm. She didn't talk to the makeup artists or the other members. She only focused on her work. She always smiled at the staff. She left a good impression." twitter(dot)com / kittychocola / status / 229791579714490368

  3. OHH I love so much Eunjung´s voice, i would like a better song and a solo for her but i just love so much that TRIO, they are the best frieds and Jiyeon and Hyomin sang very good aswell, and the three were dancing and jumping but their voices were fantastic, i hope they could sing live ALWAYS, they can, why so much playback in Korea????? why????

    Soyeon was cool, her voice is cool(but i think she used playback shhhh), I like her, Boram and Qri are just the perfect girls for japanese public,

    that´s the kind of girls that japaneses like, but i think there was a little help with playback, but i think the public enjoyed so much and i did aswell.

    Ahreum not bad english, not a very difficult song -_- , Dani... cute like any other girl of her age, but at least she can rap not as good as the other members that rap in T-ara, but at least one little worry is away of my mind now, because this girl is not a trainee, and i thought maybe she couldn´t sing at all, but what she did is not something impressive, but well, at least can be used in rap.

    I want a video of Hwayoung, poor her :(

    she sing on day by day.. but she did not dance.. just sittin like a boss and rappin :)

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