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  1. after hearing the TTL jap version....now i want a japanese version of mah boo... want to hear their rap more and more
  2. i love hwayoung style here... her hair must like that... and Qri so lovely
  3. i heard dani is a rapper... so we have 4 rappers now... just hope that my hwayoungie still gets her parts during the song.. 4 rappers is too much...
  4. yeah found it... cute but at first i thought she was accidentally lost her shoes while dancing...
  5. where is that video when hwayoung lost her shoe? what song they perform
  6. they say that hwayoung lost her shoe during the performance can anyone link it to me... i really love hwayoung and i think its kinda funny and cute when she lost her shoe when dancing
  7. they kept messing up my hwayoungies hair... i hate it when her hair is like that... really not suit her.. like a poodle -_____-
  8. we must admit shes beautiful but the age gap between her and the unnies of T-ara is way too far... but its better to add than to cut a member right.. ccm made us no choice but to accept her
  9. 14 years old?... what the.. shes too young to join T-ara... its better if she joined a new group than T-ara that has an age average is i think is 19.. but 14 years old... too young too young
  10. yeah 7 also for me is the original.... what ever CCM do.. i still support the 7 of them... and for aslong as no one will be cut on 7 still support T-ara
  11. super hot hwayoungie... shes gettin thinner this past few months.. i think shes really focus on her diet now
  12. ohh god hwayoung with red cap.... O________________O so lovely
  13. hwayoung so hot nd sexy.... O________O i like her new hairstyle
  14. OMG.... hwayoungie on the 3rd photo so beautiful ... best hwayoung pic ive seen yet... loving her more and more...
  15. this new 7 girl group idol is also soon to be 9 coz the CEO is fcking IDIOT... i want to see hwayoung more...
  16. hes really crazy... "LAZY"..?? we all know that they only got 1 vacation seens their debut.. CCM really sucks... -______-
  17. for me its better to add rather than removing a member... i love t7.. but to keep the 7of them i think we should support the t9...
  18. yeah 3 more days... i feel so nervous.. hope t7 stay together... hwayoungie fighting..
  19. yeah.. the 3 underrated members are in big trouble .... hope they stay together...
  20. CCM only thinks about the money... lazy..?? you just give the their 1st vacation last day...
  21. kinda looks weird for me... yeah i heard hwayoung's voice but eunjung is the one who lipsync it...
  22. i hope hwayoung will get lines on it.. more hwayoung plss )
  23. i love hwayoung's face when boram is about to hit her.. @ 15:53 wonder what hwayoung did to her.. xDD
  24. they have different eyes so you can tell who is who.. hwayoungie fighting..!!
  25. my hwayoungie did not dance here..? is there something wrong with her?? eng sub plss
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