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    Aish0015 got a reaction from BeautifulRobot in [12.08.29] T-ara's agency ignoring controversy and rushing a comeback on "Music Bank"?   
    for me tbh.. to comeback this early is a bad idea... scandal still fresh tho..
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    Aish0015 got a reaction from mpiw1416 in [12.08.05] True or not, the public will only believe what they want about T-ara's bullying situation   
    there is nothing we can do about the media who making the lies become truth tho... the reason why i dont watch TV
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    Aish0015 got a reaction from park1jy in [12.08.03] Hwayoung not focusing on signing a new contract right now   
    glad that a lot of companies really wants to get my hwayoungie... a lot people really know that she is so talented.. hope for the best hwayoungie... T-ara and hwayoung fighting..
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    Aish0015 got a reaction from jokerstorm2 in [12.08.03] Hwayoung not focusing on signing a new contract right now   
    glad that a lot of companies really wants to get my hwayoungie... a lot people really know that she is so talented.. hope for the best hwayoungie... T-ara and hwayoung fighting..
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    Aish0015 reacted to That Guy in [12.08.02] T-ara are victims of reckless reporters   
    Fans want to believe what they want to believe, even if it's not true.
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    Aish0015 reacted to xEunjungxJiyeonx in [12.07.31] T-ara to temporarily halt activities   
    --Core Contents Media made an announcement to terminate Hwayoung's contract with T-ara because she acted like a "top star" and had behavior problems on the 30th and since
    then there has been backlash after backlash--
    Stop blaming Hwayoung!!!
    The one at fault is you fu*k KKS and your su*k company!!!
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    Aish0015 reacted to Collar McPoppins in [12.07.30] Kim Kwangsoo, "There is a possibility for Hwayoung to re-join.."   
    if hwayoung leaves, i leave. sad news after 3 year anniversary. o well. it was a fun 3 years while it lasted. good bye fellow t-ara fans. maybe if hwayoung comes back so will i. until then i bid you farewell.
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    Aish0015 reacted to Vicshii~ in [12.07.30] Kim Kwangsoo, "There is a possibility for Hwayoung to re-join.."   
    Hwayoung, please, don't re-join.
    This people don't deserve you. You deserve something better.
    T-ara has dissapointed me.
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    Aish0015 reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.07.30] Kim Kwangsoo, "There is a possibility for Hwayoung to re-join.."   
    First of all, get some logic into you and take a f**king chill pill.
    I don't want to sound like an assh)le but you're clearly not thinking straight.
    Just because one suspects of the bullying incident to be true doesn't mean they're automatically an 'immature' Queen's, regardless of how many people have left because of it. The antis and netizens in general are making things spread faster than the goddamn Black Plague but people like you are being delusional and making the fandom in general look like a pack of wild rabid fangirls and fanboys going "NOONA/UNNIE DIDN'T MEAN IT" and some sh!t.
    Hyoyoung's tweet didn't happen for no reason. Hell, I myself strongly believe some major crap has happened between Hwayoung and some of the 6-ara members - but does that make me an 'immature' fan?
    You've got quite a big mouth to accuse people of such.
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    Aish0015 reacted to T-GGYouth in [12.07.30] Kim Kwangsoo, "There is a possibility for Hwayoung to re-join.."   
    okay honestly this is getting too far.
    towards this case, though as shown the victim is Hwayoung, we're just outsiders and as fans/people who suddenly care about t-ara once this thing came up, we do NOT know anything about the truth.
    so let's see:
    If Hwayoung was really bullied by the other members
    Okay so assuming the other members are evil "bitches" like those people claim, I still don't get the whole story. tbh, who insults/bullies with 'fighting!' and '^^' lol. And besides, why would they want to publicize the fact they're bullying? It's the same as wanting to kill someone, and yet you go to the most crowded place of the country and using a loud speaker say "I'M GONNA KILL BLAHBLAHBLAH AT <TIME> AT <PLACE>." Like, just what in the world would they do that? At this point of time, they just came back, and their popularity is high, they are almost at the peak of their career. Why would they want to destroy this moment? Revealing that they bullied at this point of time just does NOT make sense at all.
    Also I remember from IY that Sunny said that Hyomin was actually introverted and that if you treat her nice she'll treat you nicely. So if she really treats Hwayoung this way, wouldn't there be a reason for it? like her changed dp said, "everything happens for a reason." Same for other members
    Hwayoung is the one in the wrong
    So now, assuming that Hwayoung did T-ara wrong. We all know that CCM has 'revealed Hwayoung's dark side'. I personally don't believe it. Maybe Hwayoung might have indeed done something to T-ara, but as for the 'throwing away her crutches and sitting on the floor, threatening to shout at the managers' part, if it was really done by her, wouldn't the fans and reporters have ' D: - ed' and the news would have been circulating all around the internet.
    Okay so to sum up, I personally think Hwayoung, 6-ara (minus Qri), KKS and the netizens are all at fault.
    Why Hwayoung? She could have cleared things up, but her tweets just made things worse. Doesn't this show that she doesn't really care for T-ara too.. but then again, maybe she was really hurt, so I guess she is like, pretty much not that much at fault? Unless she was the one who did T-ara wrong.
    Why 6-ara - Qri? Maybe they shouldn't have expressed their feelings on Twitter. Whatever they were referring to, they shouldn't post anything that might be incorrectly interpreted by people. Yes, what people post on Twitter is their own business, but as idols and with those netizens around, I'm afraid they can't. And they would be at fault if they really bully Hwayoung.
    Why KKS? Needless to say, KKS has poor planning. He can't handle things well. Taking two days to solve this can cause a lot of damage to T-ara. His sole money maker is able to just die because of this. Really pity T-ara for this. Not gonna elaborate on KKS, he simply sucks I would say. And kicking Hwayoung out then wanting Hwayoung to apologize then come back is just crap. Be it the kicking her out part or wanting her to apologize, even if she was at fault, this would just cause even more harm to T-ara.
    Okay lastly the netizens, this whole thing is blown out of proportion by them. Maybe nothing would have been wrong if not for them. and they are unreasonable, esp the one saying that hyomin accidentally/purposely hit hwayoung WHEN RIGHT IN THE VIDEO HYOMIN HUGGED HWAYOUNG AND SAID SORRY. and the one of boram breaking the umbrella, hmm interesting. she didn't smash the whole umbrella right...
    KKS is making like the staff members want Hwayoung to leave but the T-ara members want her to stay. IDK what's true now, everything is just so complicated and confusing. but now we know, his major announcements are always negative. Maybe if T-ara was under another company things would have been better. Or if they debuted with a graduation concept like After School.
    Nonetheless, as QUEEN'S, though it's kinda tough yet exciting to be one, we should support them. Whatever Hwayoung does, it doesn't change the fact she was from T-ara, and so we should support her in what she does. For the T-ara girls, we should support them too. I believe this might be their hardest time of their career, and they might be really hurt by the antis.
    Until we know exactly who's at fault, let's not take sides and support them all. Only if proven that <whoever> is at fault should we take sides. Let's just protect our girls.
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    Aish0015 reacted to haifadashdash in [12.07.30] Kim Kwangsoo, "There is a possibility for Hwayoung to re-join.."   
    I want Hwayoung to come back to T-ARA, with the girls but not with CCM. Maybe they should get back together and pull a KARA/TVXQ on CCM. CCM is not as powerful as the BIG 3.
    I've already this with TVXQ, I don't want my girls to be mistreated.
    It's sad how everybody are calling the other 6 girls, bitches,fakes.
    Hwayoung and T-ARA, I love all 7 of you
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    Aish0015 reacted to shirlyn611 in [12.07.30] Kim Kwangsoo, "There is a possibility for Hwayoung to re-join.."   
    hwayoung!!not need to come back to that guy!!
    he's using you!! since more and more tickets are refund, people kept on leaving negative comments to his favourite trio - eunjung, hyomin and jiyeon, now he realize that you are important too
    don't come back to t-ara hwayoung. i don't want to be devil here but after all things that they had done...
    for the sake of your safety please don't come back to t-ara anymore, hwayoung...
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    Aish0015 reacted to Grimlock in [12.07. 30] T-ara's agency "Hwayoung, refused to perform during a live show, 'I can't go on stage.'"   
    Not only feel but support what she did. Not the most mature thing, I admit but I'd do the same thing. Let's put it in normal people terms. Monday you hang with friends, they make negative remakes verbally. Tuesday, when they asked you to hang out again, do you happily oblige? I wouldn't. So later Tuesday one of the friends makes a public post not directly talking about you bot doing so in a passive manner. The worst kind IMO. That's public and proud cowardice. Come Wednesday I would be heated.
    REGARDLESS, that is my opinion. The only thing that matters is I hope Hwayoung sees this as the "darkest before dawn". And T-ara in general for not only being involved in this situation but being further manipulated by a certain CEO. Hwayoung did what none of them dared to do.
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    Aish0015 got a reaction from alexalena in [12.07.30] T-ara's CEO, "Hwayoung's contract has been terminated"   
    sorry guys i think ill be quitting on QUEEN'S NOW... i still support T-ara but ill follow my hwayoungie..
    hope you guys still support her tho..
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    Aish0015 reacted to Seorori in [12.07.28] Core Contents Media's CEO to make a very big announcement regarding T-ara on the 30th   
    To be honest, I'm a person who aren't looking forward to that announcement. It can't be a good news.
    I got very worried about the tweeting incident since last night.
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    Aish0015 reacted to hinces in [12.07.27] Video HD - T-ara "Day by Day" @ Music Bank + MC Cuts   
    Eunjung rap well but this song is made for hwayoung...i feel hwa's style of rapping bring out the song more..and remember Hwa did wrote some of the lyrics to suit her rap style and accent.thats why hyomin not as sure of the rap lyrics..
    Anyway get well soon hwayoung..eunjung and hyomin both did great covering soyeon and rapping hwa's parts.
    Guess this is why they decide to add 2 more..to cover parts of absentees drama acting or sick.
    Hopefully 2 new ones works hard enough to be of help to t-ara next time.
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    Aish0015 reacted to candy_floss in [12.07.25] Quick News - T-ara's setlist at Budokan concert   
    She sit on chair n sang DBD,
    TTL+ Lovey Dovey Areum
    But Boram most sang her parts!
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    Aish0015 reacted to adnkage in [12.07.25] Quick News - T-ara's setlist at Budokan concert   
    I saw the pictures of 2 men helping Hwayoung so well I hope she gets better soon T3T
    I was thinking the same. No matter who do it is not the same if she is not there. Not that I think it would sound wrong
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    Aish0015 reacted to Mllktea in [PICS] T-ara in Milan (Italy) (04/12)   
    i scrolled down the pics then..holy toot, my god hwayoung! the 3rd photo from the last, i mean, is that hwayoung? she looks ... beautiful, the most beautiful i've ever seen
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    Aish0015 got a reaction from Jiyeon 지연 in [12.07.25] Video - T-ara cut at Yeoyoomanman Show   
    i want a full show link
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    Aish0015 reacted to Jeon BoRam in [12.07.20] Video HD T-ara Day By Day @ Music Bank   
    wow !
    eunjung hair is...
    waahh.. very pretty !
    make my heart melt .
    others are gorgeous .
    hwayoung rap is the best part .
    hahaha !
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    Aish0015 got a reaction from LordNoodles in [12.07.07] Video HD - T-ara's "Don't Leave" + "Day by Day" comeback stage @ Music Core   
    correct me if im wrong... most improved member HWAYOUNG
    just hit like if you agreed
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    Aish0015 reacted to maknae23 in [12.07.07] Video HD - T-ara's "Don't Leave" + "Day by Day" comeback stage @ Music Core   
    Okay. Some of you are going to hate me for this but I need to get it out of my chest. First of all, THEY LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS !! I don't think I've ever seen them in such beautiful outfits singing and dancing like angels. So here are my personal opinions on both performance (my really really personal opinion). I admit that I was a bit disappointed when I saw the performance live but I decided to rip the replay button and the performance got a little better for me with HD video.
    Don't Leave
    I personally loooove the song. My favourite in the mini. I was searching for Jiyeon when they started the performance by calculating the members but oh well, she wasn't there. It's okay since some are saying that without Jiyeon hogging the camera, there will be chances for other members to shine. Reason acceptable. What I liked about the performance is that they have almost a fair share of lines to sing. And do I need to mention that Qri sounded nice and she was singing it LIVE? I doubt that all of them sang the song live since Eunjung and Soyeon were sick. And they looked AMAZING !!! What I didn't like about the performance is what was the whole purpose of the orchestra when they were having a backtrack? I find it completely unnecessary. Maybe that's me. And for some reason, I felt that Eunjung and Hyomin were completely overshadowed by Areum, Soyeon and Hwayoung even when they had almost the same number of lines to sing. Again, maybe it's just me. I'm not anti Areum but Areum's stage presence was huge that I felt it crushed other members (except Soyeon and Hwayoung).
    Overall : Awesome song, beautiful outfits, unnecessary orchestra and T-ara better sing it live tomorrow WITH PARK JIYEON. (I don't mind Jiyeon standing like a statue and not having lines to sing. I just want her to be there)
    Day By Day
    Again, they looked absolutely flawless !!! Just BEAUTIFUL. About the performance, again I was looking for Park Jiyeon and she was there !!! I am a happy creature. But she dyed her hair to black. Nice though but I want her to be blonde so that she can stand out and not have the same hair colour as Areum ... Okay, Park Jiyeon aside. I didn't quite like the performance. The dance was a bit of a put off to me. I don't know why. They looked like they were tired, uninterested and there was no enthusiasm at all. EXCEPT for hwayoung who rapped her lines LIVE. A bit out of breath but still forgivable. Hyomin, Eunjung and Jiyeon were nowhere to be seen (okay maybe I was exaggerating). Yeah, so more screen time for Hwayoung, Soyeon and Areum. It was kinda weird for me that the three main members were again overshadowed but some of you were saying that we should give chances to other members.Give it to QRI then. She was amazing. Qri and Boram? THEY HAD LINES TO SING !!! So happy.
    Overall: Excited that Park Jiyeon was there. I didn't see anything wrong with her nose and she looked beautiful as usual. Not too fond of the dance and a bit disturbed about the amount of screen time among the members. But overall, nice song and I seriously hope that the performance will get better cause besides their pretty face to look at, it was quite a flat performance. Nothing special.
    *Despite my complains, I still love T-ara and I hope that they'll improve their performance from now onwards. T-ara
    /End rant
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    Aish0015 reacted to ericcmusica in [12.07.07] Video HD - T-ara's "Don't Leave" + "Day by Day" comeback stage @ Music Core   
    nice performance!!! Hwayoung really shine this time both her voice n expression when rapping is flawless.....Boram's voice is really sweet in Day by Day....Areum is fine...good vocal n pretty....but Hyomin n Eunjung only get little lines this time......Black long hair Jiyeon is really pretty and give people a very deep impression.... However, some part of the cheoro in Day by Day seems weird... anyway, glad to see them come back
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