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  1. dongyeob and friends, pls, it's Eunjung whom we're talking about, of course she is talented and well-spoken person. Where have you been all this time
  2. Next time, KKS better not to announce T-ara's comeback so other group could stop butting in. I'm dead serious.

  3. Boredom strikes me

  4. Let's not being delusional

  5. You know your friend not sincere enough when they give you a present in front of many people.

  6. Our Queens are coming back. Sorry, but, I CAN NOT KEEP CALM.

  7. Loving T-ara is complicated. Really. But I'm glad you're still here :)))

  8. gyaaa stop giving me another teaser at this rate I won't concentrate in the class again wait, what?! aahh Eunjuuungg, why your hair getting shorter day by day??
  9. This is too risky, either they'll gain more hate or get love again anyway, I wish the very best for them Korean, please don't let them down, they already suffer too much, please give them chance is this means they will delay their korean comeback again? please, comeback ASAP my moodboosters p.s. everyone keep saying Dani, Dani, Dani. Who's that?? #InDenial #JiyeonForeverMaknae
  10. eunjung, why are you become so pretty day by day?? it's sounds crazy but, I'll download all her cuts!! Yeayyy
  11. waaaahhhhh I'm so happy right now *jumping on my chair* I'm not going to pessimist about critics from the haters, whatever happy~ happy~
  12. I'm tired of this. This is really sucks. every move that CCM made, almost always turn into disaster for T-ara.. seriously, how could KKS became a CEO anyway? he doesn't even know how to handle a problem correctly instead make things worst he makes people hard to love T-ara again and people just like "oh, another issue again. I don't care who's ressponsible for this, just blame it on T-ara. Yeaayyy." In the morning, I saw Qri's pretty face smiling because of the celebration of her birthday, that's succesfully lifted my mood the whole day.. In the night, I saw this news and I ended up putting on my gloomy face the next morning
  13. Jiyeon's face expression recently always look like Everything-I-Do-They're-Still-Hating-On-Me-So-I-Don't-Care-Anyway I'm really worried about her.. I couldn't find her smile in the MelOn performance and seems like she doing the dance half heartedly Exhausted, tired, and burdened are writen all over their face ... I want my old moodboosters back :'(
  14. Daebaaaakkkkk uri T-ara is the besstt this is the greatest thing I've ever heard in these last semester of 2012 *jumping excitedly* oh, I see it quite often
  15. don't worry eunjung kindness will always win forget them, they're not worth for fighting for
  16. Dear God, Let them win, please, puhleassseeee *puppy eyes* it would be the sweetest gift for the after those energy-wasting controversies Sincerely, Diadem (or Queen's) all over the world Let's V.O.T.E for them! Yeayy!
  17. oh my.. then haters would say "it's to late", "they acted" and other things like that.. however, T-ara FIGHTING!! I hope with this show those close minded people will stop bashing T-ara
  18. please keep standing tall, smile brightly, greet the other cheerfully, perform confidently, live happily thank you, for being so strong these months. facing those stroms, must be very hard but we're still here, you know. No betrayal forever, remember?
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