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  1. Just forget with those stupid God-Wannabe a.k.a brainless netizens.Why dont you all just mind your own life? Seem your personal life damn suck and that the reason why a sick creature like these God-Wannabe always trying to be a great judge! Wake up sick kids! Mind abd go away and please manage your own life before judging or interrupting others life.
  2. Time to go home. Let's me rest for the wekend.Damn packed with paperworks in the office. Swithch off the phone or divert the lines.No one can disturb me.

  3. Good to hear she gonna get some rest. Hey you my stubborn leader, please do not push yourself.Let's recover first then you can do all what you want to do. Get well soon my girl.
  4. Seeing her trying to hold ounces of tears really break my heart. Seriously, even the "hyung"t of the group also can't hold her emotions. Luckily she didn't cry when the reporter asking her about the controversy and I love the way she was smashed back the reporters politely & genuinely. To Mr/Ms Reporters: THIS IS SBS FIVE FINGERS PRESS CONFERENCE. You should know a drama press conference,all the questions must related to the drama especially to the characters. IF you want to know details about T-ARA controversy, please wait the right time because it's worth to wait something rather than ruining everything with your greediness for your story. OR else, why don't you ask the traitor WHY SHE BEING AXED FROM THE GROUP? You might really want to know and hunger for her explanations. While the others one sadding,one injured,one mental breakdown, one locked up herself in the room,one cut off contact with her family + one idagf-ing, it's seem the traitor so happy enjoying the fame from Psycho Netizens T-Drama. T-ARA, please stay strong. What's things doesn't kill you will make you even stronger than before. FIGHTING!!!
  5. I know EVERYTHING GONNA BE OKAY. Must stay positive..

  6. She will back to t-ara.everything gonna be ok... Kks,stop playing a games with my heart .im dying enough watching all lies..give me the answer.i want the simple n reasonable answer why you become like this... T-ara,hwayoung....fighting!!!!!!
  7. Never ending T-Drama...I'm really sick about this! "Please don't publish things without confirmation."<---This is what I want ex-Queen's do.!So sad you turned your back and bashing T-ARA.Everyone is a victim. Some one in J-showbiz industry gave me hints about these issues.http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ijsia5
  8. OMFG!!! My backache....Sitting too much or the effects of my car accident hit me again especially at my tail bone.PAINFUL !!

  9. I thank you LORD for being born as Queen's for T-ARA cuz they never let me down with their songs/musics/mvs.

  10. I want to have body massage this weekend. Working 11 days without a day off.Hard working Queen's and daughter-in-law-to-be.

  11. #NP I Wana Dance With Somebody by late Whitney Houston.

  12. #NP I Wana Dance With Somebody by late Whitney Houston.

  13. #NP I Wana Dance With Somebody by late Whitney Houston.

  14. #NP I Want To dance With Somebody by late Whitney Houston.

  15. #NowPlaying I LIKE TO MOVE IT OST from MADAGASCAR1

  16. My life will SUCK without listen to T-ARA songs.

  17. “We have our own color despite taking on the challenge of doing a variety of different genres,” Eunjung expressed. “Our strength is that our music and the feeling when watching us on stage is different than normal. For example, “Lovey-Dovey” had a fun and colorful shuffle dance which became popular and helped us gain more love.” Eunjung said, “It’s a burden where we rank on song charts. I think it’d be nice to have every song be #1 (laughs), but getting rid of our greed, I want to enjoy and have fun on stage. For our current song ‘Day by Day’, T-ara is showing our existing image but fans can expect a new image for our new song. Our members are all excited for it.” Well said Eunjung. Seriously, no matter what other say about T-ARA, I will always have faith in T-ARA. That's a reason I following them since July 2009 because I can explore more side and talents of T-ARA . And now, QUEEN'S all around the globe are super duper excited for their come back and Forever will give our fullest support and love to T-ARA because T-ARA deserve it all. 27 days to go fro Sexy Love, can't wait any longer.
  18. Welcome to T-ARA Danee. I welcoming you with my wide open heart. We,as Queen's looking forward to your contributions in T-ARA. Show us your real talents and let your charms and talents kill those hater / antis. Fighting KIM DANEE! and FIGHTING T-ARA !!
  19. The real QUEENS of DIGITAL! Who can beat T-ARA?????... Lovey Dovey the most loved song of 2012 since it's released on Jan 3,2012. The longevity created by our gorgeous, lovely and adorable QUEENS of T-ARA. Proud to be QUEEN'S since I was followed T-ARA on July 2009! Congrats to Park Soyeon, Ham Eunjung, Park Hyomin, Jeon Boram, Lee Qri , Park Jiyeon and Ryu Hwayoung.
  20. Really hope baby dino on RM but then again,due to her nose injured, I won’t careif Eunjung replaced her as long I can see any T-ARA member in RM. To baby dino, get some rest and get well soon baby..
  21. No need to worries baby about the new additions in T-ARA because you always be the one of the best and powerful vocalist in Korea. Your angelic voice really killed and amazed me cuz I following T-ARA even before debut. Even IF angels passing by I bet whenever they listen to your angelic voice, those angels will stop flying cuz attracted and addicted to your voice. How I wish I have a chance to get scold by Soyeon, the charismatic and talk active leader like her. Please baby, stay strong even T-ARA didn't stay together anymore. Forever always proud to you and the rest of 9-ARA. As much I love your angelic voice, I will (btw I already accepted Areum and Danee ) give all my fullest support to T-ARA cuz T-ARA was my SUPER FIRST FAVE GIRL GROUP EVER. Stay healthy ,stay happy and stay pretty baby.Please taking care of yourself and your 8 sisters very well . It's really break my heart seeing you in pain with this come back due to your poor health condition.Get some rest baby and get well soon. Can’t wait any longer to see you all in Kuala Lumpur,Oct 3.
  22. I really wanted to see Hwayoung in a white dress. For sure, all my girls are super duper triple adorable and gorgeous esp the witch Qri.Minnie, Rambo, Soyeon, Eungie, Army (Areum) & Hwa are DAEBAK. But where is my cutest baby dino Jiyeon? The pictures look weird without baby dino.
  23. Guys, I believe the choreo for dance version are pretty damn good. Perfect choreo for an amazing song like Day By Day. Trust me on this. IF T-ARA need to make an adjustment for the choreo ( due to leaked by Jonte himself), they just make a bit changed. Plus, the original choreo are .... A W E S O M E!!!
  24. Hoping T-ARA didn't changed so much about the choreo especially at chorus and the bridge part. OMFG, the best choreo ever .. ( I'm referring to the leaked version ) http://www.twitvid.com/LIHVI
  25. Hoping for T-ARA to perform with black outfits and smokey make-up. OMFG!!! Gonna be EPIC!!!
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