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  1. cool the more exposure, the better. i can't wait for dream high 2 with 2 T-ara members!!!
  2. this movie seriously scared the crap out of me.... when eunjung died i was so sad
  3. we all wouldn't know what happens behind the "closed doors" but I would T-ara is a group that wouldn't have bullying. idk just the feel i get.
  4. lol.... taiwanese/chinese never change.... the fact that no one does something about it is kind of dumb... =/ they get all this exposure from stealing peoples' ideas and concepts.....
  5. byungpoong!!! YEEEE!!! her time to shine. ) a saeguk that appeals to older audience is good for the exposure.
  6. labelmates!~~ all the love is good. but the "hip-hop" part was O_o hope for more success in the future for t-ara.
  7. kind of reminds me of the Wonder Girl's Tell Me dance craze. maybe they're trying to do the something. the dance is rather addicting, maybe it''s the melody.
  8. ost songs!!! i love them. t-ara should sing more in ost songs.
  9. WOW. i'm surprised but not too surprised at the same time. These days since it's the "Global generation" where we have the internet, I think this is easily possible.
  10. haha smirk! she looks pretty but i prefer the "normal" hyomin. the sunny-loving and true hyomin.
  11. i think t-ara retro is really different. SNSD's is just like Bond-girl/Austin Powers feel. Wonder Girl's is like American retro with JYP written all over it. T-ara is like a retro-ish, cute, "sophisticated"(?) style. LOL XD
  12. omg! those tummys look so yummmy!!!!!! waterpark models.... *nosebleed* woojung couple!!!!
  13. oh yeah.... it's not like America where you can go if you have a parent guardian.... that sucks unable to support a member because of age...
  14. shouldn't KARA be the "burden"? seeing how they are the korean girl group that has been dominating Japan. T-ara fighting!~
  15. O.O that is so cool!!! if only i was there to experience the T-ara glory T-T
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