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  1. wow, eunjung has been so busy since day by day came out, i hope her health is still good. can't wait to see her though
  2. LOL their hair color actually looks good, but qri's hair looks a little bad and the color makes it look dry.
  3. srry to say but they look bad hear, and the photo and set looks very cheap, i hope the music video is better n more professional looking then this, n i hope the music is also good, i looking forward to their new comeback song, but not liking the addition of the members, however i will not judge them in advance n give them a chance first.
  4. By reading these comment i feel like you guy are so close mind on the choreographer, it seem like you don't like him because he is being himself. It's not about him it's about T-ara. Anyway i can't wait for the new song.
  5. omg that purse is so cute, her dress is nice too
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