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  1. wow! damn! i wish I were in Korea..=____=!!! i really want that shop in my country..tsk tsk
  2. I'm glad that no one is been replace..but I just don't like the thing that they are going to add 2 new member! I just don't understand why would they do that! I love T-ara just the way they are!I think T-ara will totally not going to like it very well,but they just have to agree with their agency..poor T-ARA
  3. the first sentence that came in my mind after i saw JiYeon's pic is WOW! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Jiyeon is so beautiful in this pic..
  4. This is so suck! I don't like it at all..If Jiyeon get kicked out from T-ara, I will surely not going to be T-ara's fan anymore..I don't want any change in T-ara's group..! I hope there will be no replace member or addition..I really hope they will change their mind..
  5. Jiyeon is getting prettier everydayy..;)

  6. Jiyeon is getting prettier everydayy..;)

  7. wow! I think T-ara really did a great job! they really make a big income last year..
  8. woot wooot!!! 4 T-ara! Goog job girls!! I love you Girls 4 ever!!! ))))))
  9. yeaahh!! Jiyeon start to active on Twitter again...wot woot!! ;DDDDDDDD

  10. yeaahh!! Jiyeon start to active on Twitter again...wot woot!! ;DDDDDDDD

  11. horaaaayyyy!!! I'm so happy 4 Jiyeon! the most important thing is, she beats YOONA!! yes!
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