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  1. the title reflects that both t-ara and hwayoung shed tears in the same time. but it was not. t-ara came before hwayoung and then they were sad. yes they were sad not cried. i dont know if they sad about the rumour or about hwayoung. later, hwayoung came to make apologize and cried! she was crying because she thinks she is the problem of all bad things happened to t-ara. so its two things that doesnt have any connection. they didnt meet and cried each other. i think they both sad for different reasons.
  2. even though i don't know about davichi. but i still believe that the song will be good. beside, it'll be double release with lovey dovey right! yeahh tons of joy!!
  3. revenge? what revenge? does anybody know? btw, boram's memories is all about food. haha
  4. look at this http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&image=38060 eunjung looks funny. haha OMG. boram is reallyu cute!
  5. damn. why do we have live separately. i wish that i can go to korean and meet them live!
  6. damn. can't wait. please give boram some scene!! boram with that lady look is gorgeous!
  7. aaaa they're look so tired. get your food and medicine boram! and get rest too
  8. same here.. i dont understand too just dont hunt for boyfriend please boram. im here, you don't have to look for another. hahahaha
  9. daaamnn i can't breath just by looking at their photo. ahhhhhhhh so gorgeous!
  10. yeahhh boram noona. you got taller! hahaha ahh i wanna play. but i don't understand the language! though, korean language is easier than japan's or china's
  11. get some rest eunjung! ahh not just because she is tired, but also she is easy to sleep! hahaha
  12. aahh boram's photo is missing! anyway hwayoung looks more beautiful with her short hair
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