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  1. Woo hoo! T-ARA advertised headphones and other stuff! Must buy
  2. Finally they get vacation time!! They'll probably just go to Jeju Island xDD
  3. Omg so cute >,<. Love her so muchhhhh Such a cutieeee
  4. haha!! That picture symbolizes something that will happen in the future xD love it when words pop out of their mouths
  5. LOL AT BORAM's APPLE xDD Thank you so much for uploading!!!
  6. Kyaaaaa~~~ Rambo so cute!! Love her hair so much in this!!
  7. Hilarious episode xDDD Boram is too funny xDD Jiyeon's drawings were EXTREMELY hard to guess xDD Soyeon's hotpack on her head = smartieeee
  8. So cute!!! Soyeon is such a cutieee!! >,< im so jelly of her
  9. Omg their so cute >,< Soooooo cuteeee Soyeon & Boram ftw!!
  10. Omg omg what a Q-Teee. xD she has gorgeous skin T_T
  11. they make my day everyday cuties, sexies, hotties... love these girls so much
  12. best way to spend your christmas??? Sleeping at 2:00AM and waking up at 11:30 AM

  13. Wow thank you so much for uploading it!!! Hilarious episode.
  14. Oooooh can't wait until it actually comes out!! This will be epic.
  15. Getting trolled by a teacher isn't something to brag about, but Mr. Davidson trolls deserve to be in the spotlight. http://t.co/s1wrPAt

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