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  1. i would love to be getting the wedding ring from you, Eun.
  2. i would love to get the snack from eunjungie poor me that im not living in korea
  3. hyomina, sekshi babe, ich loving yu mor. kis mi, hag mi, giv mi children&hom.
  4. i appreciate that hyomini wants to teach her dog, but he`s not interested in. some races are unteachable.
  5. wow, how sexy they are. i cant wait to see them onstage.
  6. very good collab. their voices wonderfully respond to each other. i like `em a lot.
  7. Aa megami-sama! Jiyeon, must love you - marry me.
  8. Waw. Daebak. 19 millions. What a shock. Bravo, T-ara! Hwaiting!
  9. Boram is sooo pretty and cute today with that cap. She`s got great hair. She looks very lovely.
  10. Wow, Sso is in bright mood. She`s smiling! So cute.
  11. Today was the very really good performance. I just did some discotheque on fb with Sugar Free.
  12. Wow, from today all T-ara has become my biases. Qri so sexy, and Boram so perfect, and Soyeon so cute. Wow, I love them all.
  13. Raf


    I don`t agre with the article. It is bunch of lies and hypocrytic and chauvinistic prejudice. Author doesn`t estimate T-ara.
  14. I really like this song. It`s lyrical, romantic and soft. I really like to listen to it.
  15. Why so short? I like it, and Jiyeon looks great. I want more!
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