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  1. Everything happened for a reason, look how they become mature along the way. I will support Hyomin, but i will never lose hope seeing them standing in stage as T-ara.
  2. Thank you so much for the hard work and continues support! What about Mind Memory? Are you guys also working on it? Hahaha. I hope i didn't sound demanding or anything.
  3. Oh i see, i tried to check it on google and i can't find any legit one, if there is, i need to register and pay.
  4. This is actually a good start not only for Hyomin but also for the T-ara member. I will definitely looking forward to her solo comeback and surely will not missed it.
  5. I am still waiting and hoping that someone can sub this in English, not only for me but for all International Fans. And, do you guys know where i can watch Mind Memory with English Subtitle? Thank you!
  6. Are they PROFESSIONAL enough to just post it like that? A true professional PD would not post like that. ITS PITY.
  7. craving for Pizza!!

  8. Lets go Queen's, we have to vote, that is our reward to our very hard working T-ara. VOTE!
  9. T-ara is becoming more more mature and their voice is superb! I love all of the song! ^^ They are really my stress reliever.
  10. She is the only one who is Happy :)

  11. Nony update your two fics... :( PLEEEAASSSEE!!! HAHA. im waiting tonight

  12. Follow me @SSarang07

  13. got my twitter fixed please follow me @SSarang07 Thank you!

  14. got my twitter fixed please follow me @SSarang07 Thank you!

  15. got my twitter fixed please follow me @SSarang07 Thank you!

  16. After a long time, i was able to continue my 7 Star Fic :))

  17. OMG! They are down to five, my two bias were absent But they still rock the Stage... Soyeon always winking to the Camera, Boram is getting prettier!
  18. Ooh! i love Lovey dovey! This is the best Wunjung still can dance even she has a sprained ankle. Qriiiii Jiyeon and Soyeon rock the satge!!
  19. T-ara girls was so busy Poor EJ! Get well Soon, even jiyeon was also sent to the hospital.
  20. I am very dissapointed about the delay of the Loveydovey MV but i think its okay since Davichi and T-ara We used to love MV just released yesterday and its doing good in charts. i hope they will get to perform the song.
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