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    Shanejjang got a reaction from hyominniemouse in [18.05.18] Hyomin shares what it means to be a member of T-ara as she prepares for her solo comeback   
    Everything happened for a reason, look how they become mature along the way. I will support Hyomin, but i will never lose hope seeing them standing in stage as T-ara. 
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    Shanejjang reacted to red4summer in [18.05.18] Hyomin shares what it means to be a member of T-ara as she prepares for her solo comeback   
    one may have talents but even with hard work it doesn't make one successful because one needs luck in this industrial too. what min said is fact, the father made t-ara. put aside all misunderstandings and matters, everyone in the family, take a step back each and let the family heals. it's still not too late as this is the only way forward to bring back 6-ara. the legal dispute is dragging everyone but i still believe t-ara will come back as 6. i meant come on i just started in late 2014 and i still haven't had enough of t-ara, it can't be the end now. i'm not losing hope, yet.
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    Shanejjang got a reaction from DaniDante in [18.05.18] Hyomin shares what it means to be a member of T-ara as she prepares for her solo comeback   
    Everything happened for a reason, look how they become mature along the way. I will support Hyomin, but i will never lose hope seeing them standing in stage as T-ara. 
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    Shanejjang reacted to czakins in [DISC] Anti-Hwayoung and Bashing   
    All I can say is, I support T-ara and Hwayoung. LOL Joke, I have more to say...
    We share the same sentiments in some point. But you can't help those Hwa-antis now from hating her. Just like how T-ara antis are hating on T-ara.
    Hmm I'm not sure with the reason why she's not speaking up, it's either she was really bullied/felt an outcast OR enjoying the support of the anti-T-ara peeps, and in just a snap her popularity escalated in a very short span of time. (In kpop world I doubt none of them does not want fame). No efforts needed. Taking advantage in the situation.
    And maybe if she speaks up about this, and say she wasn't bullied, people will now hate on her. And she wouldn't want that would she? Hmm this is just my opinion, looking at the two sides of a coin. ^^v
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    Shanejjang reacted to sohotmelody* in [DISC] Anti-Hwayoung and Bashing   
    Mind your own business, and love whoever you love, don't put hatred on other members or even any other unrelevant person or websites. that is what i wanna said to all the 'fans'. Support them doesn't mean to hate the others.
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    Shanejjang reacted to albee_s2_minnie in [DISC] Anti-Hwayoung and Bashing   
    I see your points but sorry, I can't support Hwa any longer..( I used to stan her before)..
    If she has any problem,could she speak out after " our anniversary"? She choose the right time to destroy that day!
    I think if she still think she's a part of T-ara,a Queen of Queen's,She didn't act like that..
    But anyways, Thuz I won't support her anymore but I won't bash her of say something bad..
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    Shanejjang reacted to xxKazManiaxx in [DISC] Anti-Hwayoung and Bashing   
    @klee95 i agree with some things u said especially bout the "people are using
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    Shanejjang reacted to Darkbend in [DISC] Anti-Hwayoung and Bashing   
    Well this is a nice and well thought out statement and I salute it!
    Now... I just wanted to point out some things.
    Deserving to be bullied
    I agree to this, no one deserves to be bullied by anyone for whatever reason, its an evil act that doesn't only inflict physical pain but emotional as well. The one being bullied could be traumatized for life without the proper support.
    Beauty Salon
    This one I've never seen any evidence of but if it was indeed true then it is a bit distasteful to an extent. The team is working hard practicing for a performance, tensions are high, fatigue has set in, tempers are a bit volatile. I understand that maybe Hwa didn't wanna go far from the dance studio thats why she didnt go home to rest. But of course this will be received by the others negatively, I know I would. If this went on to the attention of fans after the controversy don't you think they deserve to be a little miffed about it? I mean it was a time for work, I don't know if she was on the clock but if they did have working hours and she was pampering herself then of course it would be received as negative. By anyone
    Ah my favorite subject since it is what started this whole mess. Okay first, Hymoin's tweet followed by the other 2 girls. I've read them, dont wanna look for them anymore and quote them here but most of us know what those are anyway. Those tweets without the proper catalyst wouldn't have been used to pin the bullying on the girls, they would simply look like tweets of disappointment or encouragement, but it cant be said that it was directed to someone...until the tweet by Hwa's beautiful little twin sister. You know that, the one where pretty face was mentioned. That along with Hwa's tweet identified a "target" for the 3 girls initial tweets. This fact is often overlooked by gray area people.. without the target the initial 3 tweets would've gone cold, still would've gone noticed but would still go cold.
    I don't care if there really was bullying, ostracizing, internal conflicts or whatever. Its irrelevant to the fact that the initial tweets were given a target and thus igniting the whole bullying thing. Call me cold or evil IDC.. I see it as the netizens see it only from the other side. Sure the twins had every right to defend themselves if one was being bullied BUT as professionals they should've known that the response would identify the 3 girls targets was indeed her... I often attribute this to their youth, they might have not known what would happen if they told twitter that Hwa was the target but the thing is it did and it put the whole group in jeopardy.
    The next day's tweets were simply fuel to the already raging fire. And could be interpreted y t-ara defenders as hammering down more nails to t-ara's coffin. Believing KKS' statement is also irrelevant since no one believes that mofo anyway, the fact is the "facts without truth" tweet brought more people to attack t-ara and pin the bullying on them more, with the added bonus of more sympathy for her.
    Acting the Victim
    This one I have no trouble with as well, she did lose her job, possibly her dreams so she is a victim.
    Not Speaking up
    One more of my favorites, since it is still not being done until now. Yes CCM has her sister and yes KKS might have asked her or told her to keep silent. But fact is she's not with the company anymore, she is free to do anything she wants at this point or say anything at this point, plus a denial of the bullying from her would at least halve the current hating populace and why would KKS punish her or her sister for that? (unless KKS is purposely punishing t-ara, which is very possible) Anything at all to help clear the allegations against her former groupmates... not doing so proves that she is may really have been bullied and unhappy, and that doesn't help our t-ara's case doesn't it?
    In any case that's my point of view, my PERSONAL point of view, you can believe what you want or don't. the fact remains that t-ara is still under fire from the koreans, they're still losing jobs left and right and their activities keep getting delayed or cancelled. Of course some fans would be irked and would want to point fingers, making a long explanation wouldn't change their minds on the contrary it would push them to write their own beliefs like I just did...(and my hands hurt thanks alot )
    As long as the fandom is divided like this, then we will never be able to give the support where it is due. Hwayoung is indeed a victim, that much is fact, but blunt as it may seem, she isn't in the business anymore. I'm sure most of the current queen's who criticize her don't really hate her but are rather disappointed in her lack of action to help her unnies. The internal facts are irrelevant what's important is that t-ara remain afloat and this controversy to finally end.
    PS: I am by no means a Hwayoung hater, I friggin love the gal, she's my 4th bias as everyone in the SB already knows. So this is more of an explanation as to why the some of the t-ara fans are currently on her case.
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    Shanejjang reacted to Taiki in [DISC] Anti-Hwayoung and Bashing   
    I'm not hating on Hwayoung but i admit it pissed me off at how she could pose for selcas and go out in public while the other members are taking all the heat for something they shouldn't have. Imagine how members like Eunjung feels when she worked hard for years to build up her career and image (i read somewhere that her acting career started in 1995?) and to see it all go down the drain because of some rumors. I just say that it was insensitive of her to do those above mentioned while everyone else is in a $hitstorm.
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    Shanejjang reacted to maknae23 in [DISC] Anti-Hwayoung and Bashing   
    @Klee, I understand your thoughts but I'll have to give my personal comments on some of the points you brought up. Again, no offense to anyone.
    I admit that I'm bias and I tend to sway a little more towards T-ara compared to Hwayoung as I find it quite hard to balance equally between both sides. I apologize for that, it's just my own personal feelings and yeah I'm guilty for that. But don't misunderstand, I don't hate Hwayoung and I don't deny that she was a victim together with T-ara. I will never call her a xxxx because if Hwayoung is a xxxx, the rest of T-ara are xxxxxes as well.
    Beauty Salon : I agree that it's Hwayoung's right to visit the beauty salon when she had her time off. The problem is she did it when the others were practicing hard (I guess) for the concert. Yes, T-ara should have understood that Hwayoung was frustrated and all that but THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE A HUGE CONCERT THE NEXT DAY. You just can't expect them to go "Poor Hwayoung, we should let her do her manicure since she's injured while we'll continue to die here" (maybe Qri did that) but normal human beings will feel uncomfortable with her actions.
    I don't know about you but I certainly won't like it if I am stressed up like a mad cow and someone is kinda enjoying herself in the midst of my misery. I don't even like it if my parents go for a holiday during my exam period. Although they don't help directly in my studies but I need them to be with me and I need them to give me the support that I need during difficult times. (I know I'm a bad daughter). The same goes to T-ara. They needed her to be there or at least not do some manicure while they were busy practising. I know it's selfish but maybe she can do her manicure err later?
    Tweets : Said this gazillion times already. Everybody's at fault including Hwayoung AND T-ara (except Qri). They shouldn't have tweeted. But the main issue here is again with Hwayoung's continuous tweets even after KKS kicked her out. She seemed to know that she would be kicked out since she tweeted "The support of my family and my fans is worth so much to me. Please watch over me." I guess she was just taken aback by the reasons KKS gave and hence came up with the "Facts without truth" tweet. And then she apologized. She tweeted something that somehow went against KKS's statement and then she apologized for giving all the trouble. I would say she was immature but T-ara were immature as well.
    I don't expect her to act all depressed but I don't expect her to publicly go to a concert and allow her sister to post happy selcas either. I don't know. Just try to do it secretly. Something bad happened, the other party are in deep xxxx and people expect you to behave as if you are in deep xxxx too. But well, I apologize again cause I should be happy if she's happy. It's just that unfair feeling I got when I saw how T-ara were slowly torned apart and suddenly there was this selca in my fb news feed.
    And to sum it up, the reason I tend to side T-ara a tad more is because they are getting all the heat. Hwayoung only gets xxxx from Queen's but T-ara get xxxx from Queen's, the infamous netizens and the drama production teams due to KKS's brilliant decision. I'm sorry but I can't help believing the "fact" that Hwayoung didn't want to perform during Music Bank. I was laughing at Hyomin's cuteness for looking at the cue card while rapping but when I watched back, she was practically struggling to rap even with cue cards. I don't know whether Eunjung was prepared for Hwayoung's rap but the cue card was up when Eunjung started singing so ... I don't know ...
    Despite that, I agree that Hwayoung definitely does not deserve that amount of hate from Queen's and if not performing was the sole reason she got kicked out, KKS is a .... (refrain myself from hating) . I see some Hwa stans hating on T-ara too. In the end it all depends on who's your bias in the group and who you choose to believe. But yeah, no bashing please.
    It's almost 5am now. I can't think straight. Please pardon me for my language, the long rant and I apologize if I have offended anyone. Here's to wishing a pleasant September for T-ara and the end of their misery. Cheers and peace.
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    Shanejjang got a reaction from deedeeduck in Start a T-ara support donation   
    COUNT ME IN here, I really can't stand this that we do nothing but to let those "ass" bashed our Eunjung Jiyeon Hyomin Soyeon Boram . Lets do something Diadems. I want to call everyone out, Please have the courage to protect the girls. I can feel that this is the time that T-ara needs us the most.
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