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  1. May they get all the success they deserve It would be awesome if they could come to Canada !! T-ara Fighting !!
  2. If K-netizens don't know how to cherish their idols, especially talented groups like T-ara, then it's their loss. We international fans will always stay with T-ara. Support and Love from Montreal, Canada. (I would be so happy If I could live in Korea to get to see them) People should just get over this and move on =.=
  3. Im gonna be staying up all night. I'll wait for the 4 videos. Can't wait any longer !! T-ara Fighting !!
  4. This comeback is going to be awesome !! Can't wait any longer !!
  5. I'm so sad that it's post phoned again... But I think this is a right choice. September or October will be better than August. And i'm willing to wait for my girls T-ara Fighting !!!
  6. That PD should voluntarily retire, or I'll threaten him to lose his job. Cheap and disrespectful crew.
  7. I really hope her family is gonna be there to support her and to help her go through all this hardship. Now that all of the members are also hurt and crying. Her family is all she has. Of course, us fans will also try to help Pretty pissed at SBS right now =.=
  8. Im pissed... This controversy is slowly dragging their solo activities down... Those k-netizens are insane =.=
  9. She's such a determined actress/idol... And she gets removed from the drama because of some unconfirmed rumors ?!? Without even knowing it... That's ridiculous and disrespectful >.<
  10. My God... These k-netizens sure are something... This is getting ridiculous. Feel bad For T-ara.
  11. Awn. She's defending T-ara. It must stop now !! I support T-ara. Forever and Always.
  12. Well. Hwayoung apologized... so KKS shoult let her come back. Or... Just don't go back because... seriously... we all know that CCM is really not a good company.
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