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  1. May they get all the success they deserve It would be awesome if they could come to Canada !! T-ara Fighting !!
  2. If K-netizens don't know how to cherish their idols, especially talented groups like T-ara, then it's their loss. We international fans will always stay with T-ara. Support and Love from Montreal, Canada. (I would be so happy If I could live in Korea to get to see them) People should just get over this and move on =.=
  3. Im gonna be staying up all night. I'll wait for the 4 videos. Can't wait any longer !! T-ara Fighting !!
  4. This comeback is going to be awesome !! Can't wait any longer !!
  5. I'm so sad that it's post phoned again... But I think this is a right choice. September or October will be better than August. And i'm willing to wait for my girls T-ara Fighting !!!
  6. That PD should voluntarily retire, or I'll threaten him to lose his job. Cheap and disrespectful crew.
  7. I really hope her family is gonna be there to support her and to help her go through all this hardship. Now that all of the members are also hurt and crying. Her family is all she has. Of course, us fans will also try to help Pretty pissed at SBS right now =.=
  8. Im pissed... This controversy is slowly dragging their solo activities down... Those k-netizens are insane =.=
  9. She's such a determined actress/idol... And she gets removed from the drama because of some unconfirmed rumors ?!? Without even knowing it... That's ridiculous and disrespectful >.<
  10. My God... These k-netizens sure are something... This is getting ridiculous. Feel bad For T-ara.
  11. Awn. She's defending T-ara. It must stop now !! I support T-ara. Forever and Always.
  12. Well. Hwayoung apologized... so KKS shoult let her come back. Or... Just don't go back because... seriously... we all know that CCM is really not a good company.
  13. my god... This is going why out of control............... Some netizens are just crazy !! Feel sorry for T-ara.
  14. Shame on you random person... What has jiyeon done to you for saying such mean things like this... We didn't see you complain BEFORE all this controversy. Im pissed...
  15. Im here DYING to buy a ticket, while 6300 people are demanding refunds ?! We don't know that truth, yet, people bash them so easily. Or got fooled so easily. Even worst, many? netizens took the opportunity to feast on this issue and came up with bad stories & even videos/ photos as other evidence of members bullying, even though HIGHTLY IRRELEVANT and INDEPENDENT from the actual event in hand. They called themselves QUEENS, yet at the release of UNCONFIRMED reports, they immediately LOST FAITH in them & pushed them even lower and turned their backs on them. At this times of crisis, aren't fans all T-ara could rely on ? I feel sorry for T-ara. I? feel sorry for the gullible ''fans'' who easily believed in the ''bullying reports'' without confirming the true events. I feel sorry for all those who bashed T-ara and posted insulting & hurtful comments. T-ara & hwayoung Fighting !!
  16. um. I need proof. KKS... no one is gonna believe your words unless you give us proof. T-ara Fighting !! Hwayoung Fighting !!
  17. This is going way out of control. Some korean netizens are just crazy... Please, hater, leave the members' individual careers ALONE. And for the record... IM NOT WATCHING THIS DRAMA IF EUNJUNG ISN'T IN IT. T-ara, EunJung Fighting !!
  18. Um. Im confused now... So now what KKS is trying to say is that it was Hwa's fault from the beginning ?? Im so lost =.= T-ara Fighting !! Hwayoung Fighting !!
  19. I'm speechless... All I can say is that... I'm pushing all of this controversy aside, and i'm still gonna support T-ara and Hwayoung FOREVER. Girls, Fighting !! PS: Korean netizens are bringing this WAY TOO FAR. Rumors or not, Truth or lie... Please leave the members' individual careers alone. Some people are just crazy...
  20. I really hate it when KKS does this... But this time, I guess it's about the recent tweets by the members. ( Actually, I don't really get why netizens say that they were mocking Hwa, but still... Insulting or not, They should have kept it for themselves, not posting it on Twitter.) For now, I doubt that KKS will disband, suspend our kick out any members. They've just finished their Japan concert tour and it was a success. They've just established their official fanclub. And JUST added a new member with another to come. For now, It's way too risky to do so. I'm hoping for good news... (trying to think positive) - Maybe announcing that Dani will officially be joining the group. - A leader change. - An apology, then everything gets back to normal. - Sub-Unit ??? Anyhow, I really hope everything is fine between the members. I mean, they have gone through a lot. I guess that, with all the re-arrangements they had to make due to the adding of Hwa back in 2010 and now 2 new members. Some little fights may come up. I'm praying for everything to get back to normal. 6-ara, 7-ara or 9-ara. They'll always be awesome !! (Sure miss those days...when they were 6... everything was just so PEACEFUL)
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