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  1. LOL Fans go crazy when Jiyeon starts to sing xD Can't really blame them. Jiyeon just has so much charm !!
  2. awn... Was excited for Jiyeonnie, maybe her nose injury hasn't fully recovered yet. Glad she gets to rest ) Go EunJung !!
  3. I really hope she'll be able to recover soon. Best wishes for ouri Jiyeonnie and T-ara !! I'll be praying for you !!
  4. Soyeon recently revealed in an interview that T-ara don't live in a dorm together anymore. So it makes it harder for the members to bound with the 2 new members, thus making them less close.
  5. OMY gosh im loving it !! Can't wait much longer !! So i guess Hyomin will be main and Jiyeon and EunJung lead in this MV ?? I hope other members will be appearing too
  6. It will most likely be better for Dani to join T-ara in December... or even 2 or 3 months later. A 14 years old... is really too young to be added in a Group with 3 years and more of experience. When she was scouted, she had no intention of joining this field, she had no experience in acting, dancing or singing. She better train more and learn more before joining T-ara, to get to catch up. Hope the best for her, Areum, CCM and T-ara
  7. Wait what ? Where did you read about the Day by Day MV ?? Please tell me
  8. Hyomin is rocking her red hair I like it !! Can't wait for other member's pictures to come out too !
  9. Oh YAY I like long MVs, I hope they'll be as good as Crycry and Lovey Dovey XD And Also, I hope that this time, all of the members will be in the MV. Can't wait till the comeback T-ara Hwaiting !!!
  10. I could watch this all day long >.< How can she be so cute but yet so sexy at the same time ?!?!
  11. Pretty sure Jiyeon misses her father A LOT. Hope they got more time to bound after the fansign Jiyeon unnie hwaiting !
  12. She's cute But way too young. She's already too young to be in a new group, and KKS puts her in a group that has over 3 years of experience and that their ages varies from 18 to 25 ? The age gap is big... Oh well... well have to wait and see, maybe she'll be like... really mature or really talented. I just don't want T-ara to change, because of her joining in. I hope the best for her and T-ara PS : Jiyeon will stay maknae forever in my heart XD This will never change
  13. ... 14 years old is WAY too young... did she even train ?? She's already too young to debut in a normal new group... how could she ever debut in a group that has over 3 years of experience ?? I really don't think she would be able to handle it... And what about the age gap ?? Jiyeon and Hwa are still 18... but the rest of the group is above 20 years old ... They won't really be able to bond with her... since still a kid. What are Boram, Qri and Soyeon gonna do ? They are 10 or 11 years older than this girl... If KKS is thinking of adding younger members and slowly kicking out the older members... i really can't think about it... It would just be best for T-ara to change to another company... We'll just have to wait and see... KKS should really go online and read the fan reactions... cuz it seems like the fans are not really liking his idea... PS : Jiyeon will always be the best Maknae for me ^.^ That would never change XD
  14. Jiyeon is so cute XD She was behind Soyeon LOL Than fan dude is gonna creep when he sees his picture XD Dorky Jiyeon is the best !!
  15. Historical drama ? I would love to see Jiyeon in an historical drama !!! But 80 episodes ? If they are gonna be in the drama, it's gonna be hard work. I would love to see them in the drama, but i hope they won't drain are their energy with this and t-ara promotions... I Don't want Jiyeon to be hospitalized again and Qri to go through what Jiyeon went through at the end of Cry cry promotions.
  16. LOL Hokey-Pokey ?? It's quite weird... They really have this repetitive thing going on ! Oh Well Can't wait for the come back ! And mean while... I hope they can get enough rest... Hope that everything is going well in Japan
  17. Wiait... If Jiyeon was born in 1993 and this was filmed in 2007... then she was only 14 years old at that time ?! WOOW Very young So cute !
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