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    boram heart !! <3<3<3 xD
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  1. <3 Hehehe, Sorry I was in class ^^" See you around later :D
  2. yeah now we can see full t-ara in stage !!
  3. boram ah why u re so cute ah. OMG !! =.= Love u boram !!
  4. waitinf for ur uploading hope have boram nice pic. I love her shirt !! boram
  5. thank for ur upload. u re the best candy_floss i love ur uploading. i can easyly download from mediafire
  6. lol u dont jealous with eunjung bud ur fans all heartbroken hearing u will married with fu xin bo in chinese wgm T.T
  7. yeah love dovey lovey !! boram love u so much !!
  8. ccm they need rest. 6 month comeback stage 3 times lolz. they re tired too. dont push that hard. T.T
  9. hyomin really looks like chinese. maybe she will learn mandarin for this show. fun xin bo i think he need more smile. hwaiting for this show !!
  10. Ehmm. wish i am in san fransico now !! they re lucky !! ahahhaaa
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