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  1. Disappointed, but it may well be for the best. After all thats happened, these girls should just keep a low profile for a little while.
  2. Just when you thought it had all died down something new comes up in this mess. That she didnt even get notified about it is quite poor
  3. Its not easy to see these girls come out without being able to speak their minds. So much thats unsubstantiated. Im not sure they even did anything wrong to begin with
  4. Even though she is not the leader anymore it still feels like she is. Being the 1st to appear, hopefully it will go smoothly for her
  5. Any idea when part 2 is coming out? Wonder if it will feature a song from the same set or maybe a whole new release
  6. Hyomin did a great job on this vid. Choreography wasnt anything special even with Beyonce's dancer. But despite that the video was really good
  7. That shot of Eunjung is just stunning. One of my favourite photos of her
  8. Thanks for sharing. There are some really nice photos in this set
  9. I saw the newsdesk segment. It was really funny. Does anyone know where I can see the whole show subbed?
  10. If Dani wasnt joinging later I wonder if most people would have noticed how young Areum is
  11. Thats a pretty classy move. I cant think of many companies that would give money back like that after its already in their pockets
  12. I agree with the people who said it sounds a bit creepy. Not comfortable of this method of casting at all. Especially a child
  13. Thats a lot of cash to be carrying around no matter who you are. Real bad luck
  14. Considering that they will be youtubing videos during the vacation, seems like it wont strictly be pleasure. Sounds like a publicity stunt to offset the over working accusations
  15. I think the 2 new members are a misguided attempt at reducing the workload on the current members. On paper it kinda makes sense. But I dont think they thought it through properly. The company's credibility will take a big hit if this doesnt work out.
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