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  1. okay so now it's hwayoungs fault?!?!?! what is this bull?!?!? she should just go solo she has the skill to do so -__- she shouldnt have to put up with all this
  2. i dont get the point of this. The CEO must have noticed how WELL they are doing just as is. Are they trying to get nine members and become SNSD or something? This is ridiculous. All the girls together is already something really special. If the CEO removes or adds more, the happy balance of the ALREADY AMAZING seven members will be disrupting. Aishh just let them be. It just won't be the same -__-"
  3. waaahh *.* that was truly daebak lol but if her character rian did something to the mike on purpose that was truly a hoe move xD...she's so pretty...im gonna go cry in the corner with my ugly self now
  4. What are they talking about? The girls not need to worry. Theyre going to get that triple crown. T-ara Fighting!!! lol Hyomin's got that artistic skill. Last time it was the jak rice from IY and now this?? There's a reason she's my favorite ^.^
  5. I was looking forward to Hwayoung's little solo kick thing that she always does.....but it wasn't there DD: Hopefully Eunjung's not there cause she's RESTING UP HER ANKLE instead of like filming something -__-"
  6. isnt the kfest in april too? great planning ccm. most people don't have enough money to go to both, so theyll probably go to the bigger one " i guess the postponing thing is good for the girls cause they get rest, but i feel sorry for the fans =b
  7. welp guys whatever date they release for the next video you might as well add 1 week till it comes out T.T the making of video was cool though everybody looked so pretty ^.^
  8. I LOVE LOVEY DOVEY SO MUCH!!! Hyomin looks pretty as always, and I love Hwayoung's solo part with that crazy fan screaming for her xDD. Soyeon also looks so cayuuute cause she does that messy hair part but there's no hair to mess with AWWWWW Its SOOO ADORABLE!!!
  9. wow her ankle is badly hurting and all she can point out is her shoes are different sizes?? this girl is an angel.....DD: Please rest up and get better Eunjung!!! It wont help if you hurt it even more by shuffling!!
  10. AHHH!! at 2:28 Soyeon is so cute that i cute i could die!!:DDD Eunjung is so amazing!! she has the bad ankle and she's still shuffling with everyone! I hope she doesnt injure it anymore....Please keep yourself healthy!! i REALLY need to learn this dance!! It looks like so much fun
  11. hey guys i found an eng sub one for you non korean speakers me included unfortunately=b http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8DOoWTXons&feature=BFa&list=ULa9EntxB8JNY&lf=mfu_in_order
  12. all kill time for t ara!!! the girls work so hard they really deserve this T-ara Fighting!
  13. yeah i checked the thing seems like its up again!! this is why i stayed up all night!!:DDD now if only if someone could sub it id be in heaven ^.^
  14. lol at the beginning i thought oh my gosh by seo in young was gonna play xD anyways the song sounds really good!! im really anitcipating the drama version that GONNA COME OUT SOON!!:DDDD they shouldve released it first im about to shoot myself from all this waiting :C
  15. coed and t-ara?? sister bonding time for hwayoung?:DDD why do they have to spread them so far apart though D:
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