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  1. Love the new Diadem Forum! The layout's so jjang!:D

  2. Many fans will surely be somehow upset with this, and I also, am affected with this topic as well. But I'll try to accept her, even it may be hard.
  3. Well, sorry to say this, but KKS, is your mind functioning properly? We guys know that also, in their line distribution, there are problems. 7 is already enough! That's why Boram and Qri aren't given sometimes the chances to stand out. I'm saddened. There's also a rumor that Jiyeon wouldn't be the maknae anymore, and so is Hwayoung ('cause there will be someone younger than them). Money runs his mind. T-T Sorry again if my comments are kinda disturbing.But that's what I really wanna say. #7araAsOne!
  4. Hmmm...it seems like Hyomin's always helping Gangkiz lately...but I hope that she is not forced...but we know that Hyomin has a good heart for her co-members and fellow labelmates... Hyomin hwaiting~! And also for Gangkiz!
  5. Look at me carefully. It’s because I don’t like you crying...being hurt is tiring, yeah, every time I see you like that...#BeMine

  6. I'm slightly feeling the boredom >.<

  7. I'm thinking if I can make a fanfic? >.< (but I'm not a good writer -_-")

  8. Eunjung....don't cry. I just really hope that the robber will get arrested.
  9. Yay~ Eunjung will be joining the cast! But wait- how about the remaining members? O_O
  10. If they're just changing the concept...and maybe the singing parts of the members, it'll be okay...but if they'll remove one from the 7 and add a new one...it's a big no. >.<
  11. That's nice~ I'll just keep hwaiting- go T-ARA! Excited for their new concept~ kyaaahhh!
  12. Really happy for both teams, SPEED & T-ARA. The two MVs were good! And I'm happy that Hyomin still managed to help edit them out~
  13. Yay, Fu Xin Bo's smirks are so cute hahaha xD I think these two really lookg good together
  14. I would really like to see this version of "Lovey Dovey" now~ Ryu twins, face to face! Co-Ed hwaiting~
  15. 1 BILLION WON? O_O that's large amount of money xD Happy for them, they had another advertisement^_^ Go T-ARA!
  16. Lovey Dovey Dovey, uh uh uh uh~

  17. Hwayoung fighting~ don't worry unnie~ we fans are here for you!
  18. This is somehow saddening but I think, she's just saying what is true...hope CCM will give free time for the girls....
  19. Her partner looks handsome ^^ hope they'll enjoy each others' company Hyomin hwaiting~
  20. How it will work, because her partner's a Chinese? *still wondering* hope that this couple will be
  21. It's okay unnie, it's still your choice:) For I'll get to see her in performances.... Qri fighting!
  22. Really sad for her T_T but I hope she gets well in a short period of time...Eunjung hwaiting~
  23. Yaahhh~ I really want to read EunRi fanfics kekeke~xD

  24. Jiyeon's oppa looks handsome, and he is like so close to his cute sister. Park siblings hwaiting~
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