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  1. Oh my god! the character is so cute and pretty! looks like some rpg character.. keke ^^ nice art
  2. Ahahahaha!~ Whenever i saw jiyeon and soyeon do things like this, they are so cute!~ ^^ Yeon Sister gogo hwaiting! T-ara Hwaiting!
  3. They are so beautiful with hanbok! Like barbie doll. kekeke. T-ara keep on hwaiting! Rest well ^^
  4. LOL! they are suiciding! kekeke i think they don't want to kill each other that why they choose to suicide :x T-ara and SNSD Hwaiting! ^^
  5. Her eyes is lovely~ soyeon so adorable. she look like a doll because of her eyes i think. Anyway T-ara Hwaiting! ^^
  6. The puppy is so cute! Boram, Qri and Hwayoung is cute too ^^ T-ara is so CUTE!~, beautiful and ROCKS!
  7. Has been waiting for so long and now it's here! ^^ Ready for the 2 more MV upcoming. Anticipating everyone! T-ara Hwaiting
  8. Everyone is beautiful out there. akekekek T-ara gogogo! rest well and Fight hard!
  9. Put your hands up! roly poly roly roly poly!~ T-ara Hwaiting! ^^ kekeke they are so high up there omg! i wish i was there ><
  10. T-ara is the best out there! Forever T-ara! Their song never get tired of it. T-ara addiction :x
  11. YEsh! Finally T-ara own fan club. Gonna join for sure!! T-ara KO Mr Kim with cry cry and lovey dovey.. kekeke ^^
  12. ah!~ jiyeon jiyeon jiyeon! so many photos ^^ keke.. can't wait to watch dream high 2.. just 10 more days. Anticipating ^^
  13. Hyomin finally in running man ^^ can't wait to watch it.. kekeke.. When will the other member guest in running man o.O. Why not have a episode called The T-ara and the Running man. 7v7 ^^
  14. Jiyeon in that uniform look pretty. In God of study she wear a different uniform which is very cute!~ aigoo.. whatever she wear is so nice ^^
  15. Roly poly tony tony mony~ ah! Qri have a nice skin >.< Anyway T-ara hwaiting! take a long holiday and ready for the upcoming battle ^^
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