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  1. wow! hyomin seriously has a load of talents! i mean she can draw really well, she can act, her variety skills are awesome and now she can do video editing too... she's really something~ her parent's must be so proud of her!
  2. if the ryu twins go head to head in lovey-dovey plus, i can't really tell the difference between those two... so, maybe i'll be a little confused about who is who... just hope that i lovey-dovey plus will be a big hit!! t-ara hwaiting!!!!!!
  3. Hyorin!? don't you mean Hyomin? i agree with you too though, they should let us see the groom's face more XDbut i'm more concerned about how will they communicate with each other. i read several news about k-pop and there's one about hyomin, it said that hyomin doesn't really communicate with her groom that well since she can't really speak mandarin that well. but, i hope they'll be a succesful lovely coupe!
  4. beautiful!!! their all so beautiful!!! hope they can be like this 4ever! jiyeon hwaiting!! t-ara hwaiting!!
  5. they made eunjung really tired i guess, either way if she wasn't tired why would she sleep!? rest more eunjung ^^
  6. i totally agree with you! jiyeon looks gorgeous with those shades, but to tell you the truth i prefer jiyeon with hyomin ^^
  7. they were all hilarious here especially soyoen who was really scared of the haunted house
  8. really not reallu sorry, i'm kind of clumsy. btw, i wanted to say that i love t-ara 4ever hihi ^^
  9. they look kinda funny wearing red heels and reallu long chinese dresses. anyway still cute^^
  10. so cute!! jiyeon's so pretty here!! can't wait for their "lovey dovey" in christmas eve ^^
  11. cool~ t-ara keep on being creative and don't ever change! be our lovely t-ara member forever!
  12. soyeon was hilarious!! she was so scared that she somehow bursts to speaking korean. and jiyeon is as cute as always
  13. sorry not THIS but THESE, i typed it really fast so i wasn't checking. my bad. hihi XD ^^
  14. i saw this just now at my tv!! omg, they are realy pretty especialy jiyeon!! ^^
  15. amazin'!! too bad eunjung wasn't there. i guess she's busy with her drama shcedules, and afterall after this, jiyeon is going to be shooting as the main cast of dream high 2. hope they stay 7 always.
  16. jiyeon ah!!! so pretty~ as always XD. i hope, no, i'm SURE dream high 2 will be epic because of you!! love u 4ever
  17. can't wait! we, your fans, will be anticipating!! you guys are the best!! show your talent to the whole world t-ara! show'em what you guys got!! XD. really hope you guys could be on variety shows more~ miss you guys
  18. FIVE versions!? wow! they must be workin' really hard. they should rest too you know
  19. wish they could perform here at surabaya, indonesia. i wished i could be there, but i still have school and a bunch of homeworks
  20. if the heroe's members' were here they would've said..... gahee: " daebak!" sooah: "dae~bak!!!!!" iu: "hwaiting!" nicole:"uuumm....uuummm... jiyeon ah....hwaiting!" gaeun:"-.-, hwaiting~" sahyeon:"have lots of experience!" leejin:"why didn't you invite me?" inyoung:"yah! why didn't you tell me earlier!?" and etc... XD
  21. can't wait!! gonna be so excited for tommorow~ i hope jiyeon gets the prettiest boy! hihi XD
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