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  1. Looking forward to this! So happy for Eunjung.. MC for an annual film festival, a duet with Joo Jihoon n becos of this, we got to see this beautiful photo.. Hope everything goes smoothly, eunjung to wow everyone with her voice (song and mc)!
  2. The girls are brave enough to talk about this openly and have done all they could. From the beginning of issue, Soyeon has talked about it, apology letter and now the clarification. So it's up to the ppl to decide, there will always be people who believe in what they tot happened. But no matter what those people think, those hurting comments or rumours should stop. They have no rights to hurt ppl just by posting those words typed casually on their keyboard. Thinking of it, they are the ones who blew up the matter and caused Hwayoung to leave the group. If not, this wouldnt have happened, especially since they have already resolved that argument.
  3. Hopefully its just a promotional gimmick.. Else I don't think it will be of much good for anyone~ For fans (accept the someone new joining the group), T-ara (all singing and dance for their current songs will have to be changed and learnt) and whoever that joins will be very stressed (need to learn all T-ara's songs and dance from scratch).
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