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  1. Park Soyeon's voice~ I miss it...hope she can really show her voice in this song And I misssssssss her sooooooooo much..in variety especially!! witty Soyeon.. I want Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon make a song together and having only them in T-ara also is more than enough~
  2. Soyeon! Soyeon! Beautiful voice, melodious tone and sad feel~ Love her..can't wait!!! Angel, don't have to be perfect
  3. The PHOTOBOOK ----> INTERESTING~ (i want it bad) Naming the NEW group ----> mmmmm... <_< <_<
  4. Wow...they're amazing and we all know that.. Can't they just keep this 7 adorable girls without adding members anymore... Or make T-ara about quality not quantity...like keep the most talented 6~
  5. Nice!!!! Congrats for T-ara and my miss adorable cutie Soyeon~ :D :D Be a GREAT leader!
  6. Soyeon jjang!!She soooo brave to state the truth..and I really think that they've been overwork in their young age~ Hope they can get a great vacation :rolleyes:
  7. Nevermind..take care of your health first~ Must have a very busy schedule Another chance will come Don't worry!!! ;)
  8. YEON SISTERS daebak! I love how they called their Brothe-in-Law into the room and the way they give advices is cute in a good way.Soyeon is really good when it comes to be serious and at the same time funny..love it!
  9. I didn't know about Lee Jang Woo to begin with~ Since WGM start I just watched the episode with T-ara's members on housewarming day..[soyeon, Q-ri and Jiyeon] because that's the most interesting part. But if it is true about him being upset then I'll start to hate him..such a kid~ :angry: :angry:
  10. I love to see their effort in every athletic championships although we know that T-ara are not athletdol that can run fast, or jump high but they try their BEST..that's the most amazing quality of T-ara.
  11. How can they be sooooooo sexy as zombies~ Soyeon looks incredible...nice skin for zombie..
  12. I love Soyeon's one day manager and Jiyeon's..they really sweet and gentleman enough to take care of their celebrity....and Soyeon's manager is good looking too.
  13. Don't worry..she's a strong girl, physically and mentally~ Go Eun JJANG!
  14. OH! I hope not too long~ Pity for people that awaits.. :(
  15. Chingu Soyeon and her mirror~ She really loves to look at herself..and who doesn't love her dolly like face..love cutie Soyeon
  16. They deserved it..so have to wait 10-days for Soyeon to be a leader in action again! I'm going to miss them sooooooo much~ :wacko: :wacko:
  17. Thank god! I already in love with them..and there's lots of them in T-ara that need more attention and need to shine more~ NO NEW MEMBER PLEASE!!!!
  18. NOOOOO!! I already love them since they were 6 and that's the PERFECT members~ Then adding Hwayoung for rap it's ok! Hope this is just a rumour~ Don't add more!!! LOVE 7 T-ARA's ANGELS!!!
  19. I really hope they choose some actors from korean or idols in japan to help them in the pretty boys show.. sure the show will become a big hit!
  20. They were soooo cute fighting for food~ Hahahaha! And the foods look good too
  21. Is there anything amazing left to said???BEAUTIFUL! how can people be soooo mesmerizing while singing! Love it Soyeon-Haeri-Jiyeon-Minkyung-Hyomin-Hwayoung HWAITING!
  22. The dress really highlighted their good bodies and figures~ Soyeon has such a nice figure and she look skinnier than before.. Jiyeon's skin is sooooo fair~
  23. Beautiful T-ara~ They are ready to conquer Japan Heh!!!waiting for more cute and adorable pics~
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