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  1. I'm waiting for the MV~ really want to see the last product!!Can't wait
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! She's so cute in WGM and look great with her virtual husband, Janggoonnim~
  3. Hope she get better and get well..if she hurt her ankle once she can get hurt again Hwaiting Eunjung ah~
  4. Poor Jiyeon! Hope she get well soon..she so busy with everything..CCM should divide the works equally between members..drama, musical, concerts, new song, cast in MV are too much for her Should keep another member busy too...
  5. Do you know what I see from the pic???Just RED Soyeon..cutest in T-ara~
  6. It's an intelligent choice and magic collaboration since ages..and CCM really make something incredible..by having two power voice Davichi and sweet voice Hyomin, Clear crispy voice Jiyeon, heavy tone Hwayong and melodious deep voice Soyeon..everything is PERFECT for "We Used to Love"
  7. Actually I'm waiting of the which parts which member sing~ I hope Soyeon will have a decent part that can highlight the song and hope Boram and Qri can sing some lines...and for Soyeon, Boram and Hwayong..they better have their own dramalike MV next time..want to see them acting!!! :D
  8. Why?Why?CCM.....always like this...I've been waiting and searching.. must wait for more T-ara especially Soyeon's voice
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